Thisday staff blast Nduka Obaigbena in angry tweets

ThisDay’s twitter account oozed with fury Tuesday as angry staff hijacked it to register their frustration with the state of affairs in the company and lambast their publisher, accusing him of extravagant lifestyle while allowing staff to wallow in abject poverty.
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    On this day of 7th February 2012, ThisDay’s twitter account was hijacked by an angry member of their staff. The results are hilarious:
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  3. Thisday is one of Nigeria’s most widely read dailies. Despite its popularity and perceived high turnover, its staff are often owed salaries for months. Someone claiming to be an angry member of staff used its official twitter handle to discredit the media house before its over 24,000 followers on twitter and the rest of the world.

  4. The angry tweeter debuted with an assertive tweet that the media house “is rubbish” before tweeting the reason for the rant – unpaid salaries and allowances.

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    Thisday is rubbish!
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    I hope Thisday staff have received their wages sha!
  7. Apparently referring to the publisher of the media house, the angry tweeter ended this series in Yoruba, a popular Nigerian language spoken mainly in the south-west region, saying “this Thisday guy is a crook!”

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