Oprah launches TV network in SA


2013_10$thumbimg117_Oct_2013_074851929-llAfter years of planning, assessment of her past mistakes and learning from them, American media mogul Oprah Winfrey is ecstatic that her TV network is finally launching in South Africa.

Winfrey, who owns the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN is in the country to headline the first ever O You! leadership conference and attend the third graduation ceremony at her leadership academy for girls plus officially launch her network on the DStv platform.

At a private dinner in Sandhurst on Tuesday evening, Discovery Networks announced that the network will air exclusively on one its channels, TLC (DStv 172).

Shortly after 5.30pm Winfrey took to the stage with much excitement and a bit of emotion as she shared her story of how her network, which has seen a slow start in the past, got off the ground.

She said: “When Discovery Networks approached me to start a network, at the back of my mind I always imagined how it would be to also launch it and include SA. I have a deep love and affinity for your country, primarily because a lot of places here like the rural KwaZulu-Natal is similar to the rural Mississippi where I grew up.”

Looking back at her gold-plated track record in showbiz, the 59 year old said she couldn’t ask for more. “I have worked hard to be where I am today and now in front of you I can say I own a network with my name on it. I will not say it has been easy.

“You know the stories that have been floating around but now I can say we’ve put all that behind us and we’re looking at a bigger and brighter future.

“We at OWN are dynamic; what you see today, you may not see in the next three, six or even 12 months. We pride ourselves on our programmes and we give our viewers nothing but the best.”

Discovery Network’s James Gibbons said the new-look channel will feature content tailored to suit our local viewers. “Securing the OWN programming block is crucial to this and we hope to build on the success of Oprah’s next chapter specials with Justin Bieber and Lance Armstrong by showcasing even more of the diverse, entertaining and inspirational content.”

Launching tonight, the network will air among other things, Lance Armstrong’s dope admission chat, and Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna interviews.


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