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    Ignore Obasanjo now – lawyers advise Buhari

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    Babatunde Akinsola
    Babatunde Akinsola is aNaija247news' Southwest editor. He's based in Lagos and writes on the Yoruba Nation political issues, news and investigative reports

    Obasanjo-and-Buhari-360x225Some lawyers in Lagos have advised Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president-elect; to as a matter of expedience eschew like a plague any offer of availability for service from Olusegun Obasanjo, former Nigerian president.
    The former leader had in congratulatory letter to General Buhari after the latter presidential electoral victory over incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan, said there were men and women of goodwill, character and virtue across board who the All Progressive Congress (APC) president in the waiting could mobilize to join hands with him in the reform, repairs and redirection, according to him, will put the country back on the fast lane of good governance, unity, cohesiveness, development and progress.
    “For me, the totality of 2015 elections holds many lessons for our democracy and democratization process, which are both maturing. On this occasion, the system has been unnecessarily overheated before and particularly during the campaigns when emphasis was more on trivialities and hate, divisive, undignifying and disrespectful statements and comments rather than on pressing issues requiring attention”, Obasanjo had wrote in part in the letter.
    Adeala Alibi, a Lagos based legal practitioner, said it would be wisdom for general Buhari to avoid from the very onset of his government what he called ‘initial romance that derailed incumbent President’, Jonathan from the goals he had set out to achieve when he assumed office in 2011.
    Alibi who described the Abeokuta born former Nigerian leader as ‘inconsistent in utterance and in behaviour’, noted that it was barely a month ago when he (Obasanjo) tore his Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) membership card in the open and told the whole world that he was withdrawing from active politics to become a statesman.
    “It was the same Obasanjo who sang President Jonathan’s praises to power when he taught he could direct and remote Jonathan’s government from his farm in Ota. Buhari is a retired soldier like him. I don’t think he would need Obasanjo to set the record of Nigeria straight if he is willing. IBB has not written any letter; Abdulsalami Abubakar is yet to write any letter to Buhari; Yakubu Gowon has not written any letter; Shehu Shagari has not written any letter; these men are former military leaders who hail from the same region as B uhari, and yet, Obasanjo is the only one writing a letter. Is Obasanjo more patriotic than these men?” He asked.  “He should leave Buhari alone and return to the statesmanship position he assumed barely a month ago”, he told Naija247news.
    Robert Ekule, another Lagos based lawyer, said the former president was relevant addictive and that he could not do without his voice been heard from time to time, hence, his quick jump on the opportunity offer by a fresh regime.
    He said while the former chairman of PDP Board of Trustees paints the incumbent government as corruption reddened regime, he had yet to tell Nigerians how he sunk $16 billion in the power sector without significant improvement.
    “I can’t understand why Buhari said he would not be investigating past corrupt leaders. If that happens, Nigerians may be disappointed to learn that the gap between Jonathan and Buhari may not be too wide in terms of fighting corruption. The members of senate committee on power who were investigating the $16 billion Obasanjo’s government misappropriated were intimidated out of the investigation. The only way Buhari can really prove to Nigerians that he is the courageous leader they voted is to investigate both Obasanjo and Jonathan’s government respectively. In addition to the unaccounted $16 billion under Obasanjo, with Liyel Imoke, the outgoing governor of Cross River as his power minister, there was also no minister of petroleum under the former president. There was widespread political assassination during Obasanjo regime. All these should be investigated by the incoming government”, he told Naija247news.
    Referring to the book (Watch the Watcher), written by Yinka Odumakin, the Publicity Secretary of the pan-Yoruba socio group, Afenifere, Ekule said General Buhari must be careful in taking advises from ‘pretentious praise singers’ as he described the former president, if he intends to succeed in piloting the affairs of the country without undue conflicts of interest.
    “They all sang the praises of the incumbent president. Going by the antecedent of the former president, he will never allow any president to out-perform him. Obasanjo is a man Buhari must watch carefully. He is Nigeria’s biblical Ahitophel who counsels with hidden agenda”, he said.

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