Experts urge security agencies to ensure preservation of crime scenes


Experts in Lagos on Friday urged security agencies to cultivate the habit of preserving crime scenes to aid accurate investigation.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) they said that crime scenes shouldn’t be hurriedly cleared but preserved for accurate investigation by the investigating officers.

Mr Alex Ovili, a security consultant, said that security agencies should go the extra mile in preserving crime scenes until an accurate investigation had been done.

“Crime scenes should be preserved for as long as investigation is being carried out on a case and not quickly cleared because this helps the investigation,’’ he said.

Mr Mike Olutayo, Head of Operations at Identity Securities, also said that security agencies should enlighten the public on what to do whenever a crime scene is spotted.

He added that most people were usually in a rush to rescue the situation and by so doing tamper with the crime scene.

“The public should be enlightened on what to do so that their effort to rescue a situation will go beyond saving the victim but also contributing to an accurate investigation on the case.

“Apart from the public, there should be a kind of coordination and communication among security agencies as regards crime scene preservation,’’ Olutayo said.

Mr Emmanuel Udoh, a security consultant at Circuit Operations, said crime scenes preservation will help the police to make the right arrest and open a “prima facie case’’ against the suspects in court.

“Crime scene preservation gives a police prosecutor time and avenue to acquire all evidence needed to tender for a prima facie case against a suspect in court,’’ he said.

Udoh added that most criminal cases had been thrown out of court not because the suspect was innocent but because there were little evidence after crime scene had been tampered with.

Mr David Bamidele, another security expert, however, advised that criminal cases which prosecution largely depended on a crime scene evidence should be given priority by investigation officers.

“Some crime scenes can be easily tampered with not by people but natural occurrences due to their location.

“I will advise that cases like this should be giving priority by investigation officers so that evidence can be quickly obtained from the scene before its tampered with,’’ he said.

A retired security personnel, Mr Adekunle Alani, added that security agencies’ officials should go through periodical training in forensic and crime scene investigation. (NAN)

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