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    Monthly Archives: August, 2015

    The Bright Students Left Behind

    While everyone focuses on boosting the weakest students, America’s smartest children are no longer being pushed to do their best.

    How to Become a Wine Connoisseur

    Whether you hit the books or hit the bottle, the best way to refine your palate is to taste, taste, taste

    Maroko1990s Massacre: A generation of displaced citizens 1

    How Nigerian elites grabbed Maroko land 25 years ago

    Unlocking Africa’s Trade Potential By Michael Froman & Dana J. Hyde

    WASHINGTON, DC – Africa’s rise challenges the imagination. During the last decade, Sub-Saharan Africa was home to six of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies....

    Nigeria Losing Naira Struggle As September or December Is Near-Irrelevant for Fragile Currencies

    Pressure is most intense on countries with managed exchange rates, which are finding it increasingly difficult to stop their currencies from weakening, particularly after...

    Audi to unveil 310-mile electric SUV to rival Tesla Model X

    Audi is to unveil an electric car to rival Tesla’s forthcoming Model X that the German marque says is capable of travelling at least...

    Capitalism can save the planet by Philip Stephens

    Not so long ago governments around the world stepped in to rescue capitalism. It’s time for capitalism to repay the favour by turning its...

    Greece Crisis threatens Nigerian ship owners’ $250m deal

    There are strong indications that the current economic crisis faced by Greece may truncate a vessel acquisition deal worth over $250 million with some...

    Does Capitalism Cause Poverty? by Ricardo Hausmann

    CAMBRIDGE – Capitalism gets blamed for many things nowadays: poverty, inequality, unemployment, even global warming. As Pope Francis said in a recent speech in...

    Radio Biafra back on air

    Controversial pirate channel, Radio Biafra, has again resumed transmission, despite the Federal Government’s claim that it had jammed the station’s signals. The Federal Government had...

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