FirstBank Strengthens Nigeria's Financial Empowerment: Introduces Debit Card Overdraft Service



It is Sunday, the 15th day of the month and Tunji needs some quick cash to pay his mechanic, who just fixed his car after it developed a shaft problem in the morning. He walks to the closest ATM with the mechanic trudging behind, inserts his card and beholds the screen message…Insufficient Funds. Oh No! It must be his PIN, so he tries for a second time, carefully inputting his PIN, again…Insufficient Funds. A disconcerted Tunji walks away from the ATM with glazy eyes. Slowly, he remembers there have been so many bills already paid that month and the next pay day is still days away.

To save the day for Tunji and in line with its characteristics of providing solutions, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, the most valuable bank brand in Nigeria, is introducing another FIRST to the Nigerian financial market – the Debit Card Overdraft Service – to avail customers of instant cash to meet urgent transaction needs. With this service, card users can now enjoy a higher level of banking convenience as they are enabled to complete card transactions seamlessly.  The overdraft service can be accessed on POS, Web & ATMs worldwide with Naira and Dollar denominated debit cards. This is another avenue through which the Bank is supporting the lifestyle of its customers.

According to the Group Head, E-Business at FirstBank, Mr. Chuma Ezirim, card usage is fast becoming a lifestyle for the average customer in Nigeria and in order to improve the customer’s banking experience, FirstBank has continuously offered innovative and differentiated products to their customers. “The Debit Card Overdraft Service will assist in providing our customers the highest level of service when they consummate card transactions”, he further stated.

This service reinforces the Bank’s leadership in the provision of a full range of world class debit card services and it is targeted at Salary Account Holders as well as SME/Individual account holders. Repayment options are flexible and the overdraft service would be valid for the three-year life span of the debit card. Customers signed up to this service would no longer need to worry about having insufficient funds when they initiate transactions with their debit cards.