The Least Scary Thing About Trump’s Cabinet Is Rex Tillerson. The Scariest Is Trump Himself By Dr. Wumi Akintide


My confidence in Democracy is a little bit shaken with the emergence of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Next to Great Britain which owns the Mother of Parliament, I used to think of America as the bastion of Democracy.

I so much love America. I voluntarily encouraged two my sons to join the US Military. I am very proud of the two young men because the love of the Military runs deep in my family. I come from the Sao Ofobutu and Sao Apatapiti family of Akure on my father side. The Sao of Akure as the Head of the Ikomo Group is the Generalissimo of Akure Traditional Armed Forces.

My two sons are the grand sons of a Sergeant in the Second World War who was my biological father. The man had fought in Egypt, Ceylon and India from 1939 to 1945 in the West African Frontier Force which fought under the British Flag.

I became the first child of the Second World War veterans in the West African countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia to be awarded the British/Canadian Legion Scholarship for my first Degree at the great Obafemi Awolowo University of Nigeria from 1963 to 1966.

I got the award not so much because of my academic excellence but because of my father’s service in the War. The British and Canadian veterans of the War in their generosity and compassion had decided to honor those veterans from the West African sub region by helping their children get education.

I became the first of such children to be that lucky in Nigeria and I paid back my dues by floating a Scholarship Foundation in the name of my father in 1994 to create a multiply effect for my own award by offering similar scholarships to a few children of Veterans in Nigeria who are bright but financially handicapped.

Since I was too old to join the US Military when I relocated to America in 1987, I encouraged my first and last son to make the Military Service their career. I was aware of the dangers involved and the pains I might endure for the rest of my life if anything were to happen to them. But I took the risk nonetheless.

I did not do that just for the love of America. I did it because the Military had been my family business and I wanted to use the enlistment or the commissioning of my sons into the best Military in the World as a permanent tribute to my own father and because I consider myself as the child of the Military.

I am everything I am today because of what the Military had done for me and all of my children and grandchildren.  I had a strong premonition when I took that decision that one of my two sons or their children could one day become a 4 Star General like Colin Powell. That was something their grandfather could never dream of. I am thankful to God the decision has paid off big time.

I tell this entire story to show how much I love Nigeria and America and how much I want the two countries to remain the best countries they could ever be. They are the two countries I could really call my own out of the 190 countries in the World. I would not hesitate to put a curse on anyone who may want to threaten or jeopardize their progress and security.

I love and appreciate America as much as Donald Trump. I am writing this piece today not out of bitterness or frustration. It is true I never voted for Donald Trump for President because I still do not believe he is good for America in that role given his character flaws and track record. I could vote for him for President of the New York Chamber of Commerce or President of the Hotels Federation of America but never as President of the United States. The man does not have the temperament or the experience or the integrity to be elected the Leader of the Free World. I believe America made a huge mistake by electing him.

I volunteered during the last elections to drive many voters in my neighborhood from their home to the Polling Booth because I wanted Trump to lose and I was glad he lost by more than 30 points in my own Borough of New York.

I expected him to lose both the popular vote and the Electoral College tally but I never thought that the votes of 538 electors could totally invalidate and rubbish the votes of 135 million people. I also did not believe that a candidate who won by close to 3 million votes in the popular vote could ever go on to lose at the Electoral College in any Democracy.

I could understand somebody winning by half a million votes or less like Albert Gore and still narrowly losing the Electoral College tally.  If it was Donald Trump that won by 3 million but lost by less than 100 votes in the Electoral College, the Republicans and Trump would have been calling for such a provision in the American Constitution to be voted down and their Republican dominated Supreme Court could predictably have ruled in their favor. Does it really make sense for America to be appointing Judges  whose positions on any case coming before them is already pre- determined and regardless of the merits of the briefs before them?

What kind of justice is that?  Who says the American systems is really the best legal system in the World with that kind of limitation or flaws in the system. The British legal system still remains the best in that context in my opinion.

As a matter of fact Donald Trump would have taken his case to the International Court in The Hague if he had won the popular vote by that margin but lost in the Electoral College. Nobody is talking today because it is a Democrat who has been robbed by a provision that has outlived its usefulness.

That is exactly what has happened in America and it makes me sick to my stomach that my vote and the votes of the close to 50 voters I drove to the polling booth have not counted at all based on the Electoral College Abracadabra in the American Constitution.

I am not a Trump hater in my heart. I give the man credit and I acknowledge his superman and larger-than-life streak and attributes as one hell of a genius who has beaten the odds so many times in his life to reach the highest pinnacle of his ambition. He is in many ways to me like “Osiun Ado” the crazy Governor of Ekiti State in Nigeria, Ayo Fayose who has kept winning and coming back despite all the gang-up of his political enemies.

I have some soft spot for him. His parents come from Afao in Ekiti, but the young man was born and raised in Akure, my home town in Nigeria. I knew him as a little boy. He has always been a fighter from his childhood. He shares some of the attributes of a Donald Trump in my opinion.

If you put sentiments aside, you will clearly see there is some method to Donald Trump’s insanity. The more than 62 million Americans who voted for him could not have been dismissed with the wave of the hand in a Democracy. I will be the first to admit that. I would also be the first to make the point that he lost the popular vote by close to 3 million votes.

I acknowledge his genius and his unusual luck as the beneficiary of an obnoxious Law which makes a mockery of Democracy when compared to a dictatorial system like Communism or Feudalism. If a Communist regime had done that kind of thing, America would be the first to condemn it.

Yes. I agree that Trump has something going for him we cannot and must not trivialize. For how else do you explain Donald Trump’s meteoric rise from a rebel teenager who was briefly sent to the Military by his father in the hope that the Military could help to “panel-beat” him and whip some discipline into his big head and to make him the extra-ordinary man he has become?

He seems to have shared the same DNA with the young man with the bad haircut, Kim Jong UN of North Korea. Donald Trump is a dictator by character and inclination. How he has ended up becoming the President of the United States is a total mystery to me. I would be surprised if he voluntarily leaves office when his time is up, and if he does not get impeached for some terrible scandal in a year or two.

I lie to you if I say that Donald Trump is not a genius with some extraordinary talents. How he came from being a laughing stock to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat from a woman who is head shoulders more qualified than him and who actually went on to beat him by close to 3 million  in the popular vote is a mystery that would take a long time to sink in with me.

Yes we could argue that the KGB and FBI James Comey all had a role to play in his victory but it would forever remain a mystery how that could have happened  in the greatest country on Earth without anyone raising a red flag at the nick of time. The man has tapped into something the great majority of us have totally missed as we made our predictions about his chances in that election.

I knew some people would still vote for him even if he raped their wife or daughter but I just never believed they were that many.  62 million is more than the total population of Great Britain or Japan. It was a shocker for me. I don’t know about you.

That revelation speaks to the genius and the unusual luck of Donald Trump who had managed to beat the system after breaking all the rules in the game. His refusal to release his Tax Returns which was well known to the IRS was part and parcel of his myth as a politician. The IRS and their officers became deaf and dumb and could not come out to leak or release the document in the nick of time and up till now for reasons best known to them.

I knew all along that Trump’s tax return was his Achilles foot or the smoking gun that should easily have ended his campaign and forced him to withdraw. He was like a Daniel thrown into the Den of Lions but the Lions would not devour him for some reasons that only God could explain.

So I take it that God could be using Trump to prove a point that we mortals could not fathom because we usually don’t see beyond our noses. Every time I criticize him I remember that and keep my mouth shut but the urge to lambast him is irresistible as I watch him run his mouth against Obama and all of his more qualified predecessors in the White House.

Donald Trump has so far surrounded himself with individuals whose profiles and past History should have sent some early warning s about where Trump may be taking America. Junk Yard Dog Mike Flynn is one of them as Trump’s Security Adviser, homophobic and racist Steve Bannon as Senior Political Adviser is another, alternate fact Kellyanne Conway as  Senior Adviser to his First Lady  is another and “Mad Dog” General Mattis  who has doubled down as Defense Secretary is yet another.

Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary has had his job cut out for him by having to defend the indefensible most of the time and putting a positive spin on a bad policy and the crass incompetence of his crooked boss.  The least scary of these individuals is Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. The scariest is Donald Trump himself who has turned the American Presidency into a Monarchy where his children now play the role of “Heir Apparent” without anybody lifting a finger.

Donald Trump loves his title as President and Commander-in-Chief. What he does not like is being held fully accountable. He double-speaks all the time saying he is going to delegate some of his responsibilities to some individuals in his Cabinet on some policies but he has stopped short of admitting responsibility should anything go wrong.

He got Mike Flynn to announce on Television he is putting Iran on notice without giving any details on what he meant. He is going ahead to slap new sanctions on Iran without thinking them thru. Nicky Haley his Permanent Representative at the United Nations is warning Russia about its adventurism in Ukraine and Crimea while Trump is singing a different tune with his own statements on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Trump has appointed James Friedman, as Israeli Ambassador who wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Donald Trump initially gave the impression he would not stop Israel from building new Settlements in Gaza and the West Bank thereby challenging the idea of the “2 State” solution that previous American Administrations have committed to. Trump has no official position on Settlement Activity up till now. He totally forgets that America has vital interest around the World that cannot be toyed with or ignored without paying a heavy price down the road.

American allies and enemies around the World are simply confused and nervous about what to make of the Trump Presidency. The whole concept of World Order goes into shambles in that scenario.

Donald Trump has come to the Presidency with the least experience but he wants to shake American foreign policy to its very foundation by describing NATO as obsolete and the European Union as retrogressive and shaky.

The guy has started on a very wrong footing and he makes the whole world nervous about his Presidency and where America is headed under his leadership. He has earned the title of “Victor Ludorum” as the scariest person to ever sleep in the Lincoln bed room.

I rest my case.

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