Our Arrest is Abuse of Prosecurial Power- Ex-Minister of Planning

Recently, Mr. Kale Belgore, SAN, and my humble self, were invited by the  Economic and Financial Crimes Commission  to its Lagos Office for questioning on N450million campaign fund  during the 2015 Presidential elections.
Of course, we were in the EFCC’s custody for  a few days and today, by the grace of God, we were granted bail on self-recognisance.
It is however  apt to  put the record straight and situate the development within the context of  the politics currently playing t under the present administration.
I wish to state unequivocally that this  didn’t come to me as a surprise. It is a continuation of politics by other means, and that has nothing to do with the source of election funds that emanated from the presidential campaign  office.  The question is; what has EFCC got to do with donations voluntarily made by oil marketers to Jonathan government?
The commission, in a bid to implicate us and set the general public against us, was busy struggling and   frantically searching for better word to use. The whole charade is an abuse of prosecutorial power .
But I assure you  it cannot stand in any court of law. We shall fight hard to prove our innocence and I believe the judiciary is there to do justice to this case. Thank God, we are not been alleged to personally enrich ourselves with the so-called fund.

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