Taxify Drives entrepreneurship among Nigerian Youths.


With the Nigerian Economy in recession and this resulting in thousands of job losses across multiple sectors, entrepreneurship offers solace at this point. Hence there is a growing consciousness among youths to imbibe the entrepreneurial spirit.

Taxify’s model thrives on entrepreneurship as it automatically makes a person one in minutes. A vehicle owner or someone with access to a 4 door sedan or Suv from 2006 upwards registers and instantly becomes his own Boss. The platform basically connects riders to driver-partners thereby taking the stress off the driver, but at the same time ensuring more earnings. Driver-partners pay lower commissions, work at their own time and are always relaxed knowing that the Taxify local team provides them efficient support and are always reachable.

A quote by a driver-partner Mr Giwa: “Taxify compared to other taxi apps has impacted positively on driver-partner businesses in a great way. The Commission is 10% lower than our competitor and we are more relaxed driving on Taxify because of the training we get and the ever reliable & efficient support. With the high level of demand coupled with the lower commissions, partners such as myself earn more on each trip and we no longer worry on how to take care of regular operational costs. THANKS TEAM LAGOS!

Taxify has made thousands of Driver-partners entrepreneurs within its first 3 months. There are plans to raise thousands more in the coming months

Drivers can register here: