Nigerian military’s adventure into politics ‘misguided’ — Gowon


    The Nigerian military’s “misguided” adventure into politics, was responsible for the loss of the “professionalism, discipline and patriotism” of the armed forces, a former military ruler, Yakubu Gowon, has said.

    Mr. Gowon spoke Thursday at the launch of a book, Vindication of a General, by a former Chief of Army Staff, Ishaya Bamaiya.

    The book, a memoir of Mr. Bamaiyi’s experiences as head of the army under the Abacha military regime, and his incarceration, was launched at the Nigerian Air Force Conference Centre in Abuja.

    The event had in attendance some past and present generals of the Nigerian Army, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported.

    Mr. Bamaiyi said he decided to write the book for posterity and for people to be rightly informed about his “unfair treatment” and his eventual vindication.

    He said, “as Chief of Army Staff, I experienced the most turbulent tenure and challenges in history of Nigeria Army.

    “The most challenging of them is my unfair incarceration for eight years, but I overcame all these and came out in one piece.

    “I take responsibility for whatever is written in the book; I can defend it because it is the truth.

    “I therefore urge whoever that wants to criticise the book to be objective and honest in doing that.”

    The chairman of the occasion, Mr. Gowon, said although the book was essentially on personal experiences of Mr. Bamaiyi, leaders and policy makers would learn a lot from it.

    “While readers may only wish to focus on how Gen. Ishaya Bamaiyi himself fell victim of power play and intrigues, he draws our attention to the compelling larger picture,” he said.

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