NLC to governors: Utilise Paris Club refund to pay outstanding salaries


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) asked the governors to use substantial part of the funds to offset outstanding salaries, allowances and pension of workers.

General Secretary of Congress, Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson told The Nation that the right thing to do was those state governors who are owing workers to use the money to pay up, pointing out that the congress will continue to engage the governors on the welfare of workers.

He said “as you are aware, we have been engaging the governors on the welfare of workers and we take each state based on their peculiarities. Last week, we engaged the Rivers state government because of pension related matters and we will continue to engage them.

“With or without Paris Club refund, it is the responsibility of the governors to pay him the salaries and allowances as well as pension of workers. Where they renege in doing that, we engage them and where they refused, we encourage the workers in that state to declare industrial action.

“So, our position remains the same and has not changed. The governors should pay what they owe to the workers and now that they have more money, they should honour their obligation and pay their entitlement”.

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