W. Africa Crude-Sellers cut Nigerian diffs, trading slow


LONDON, March 5 (Reuters) – Trading was slow on Monday as sellers of Nigerian crude revised offers lower and several pending tenders hindered deals.

* Sellers revised offers lower for several Nigerian crude oil grades, including Qua Iboe, Forcados and Yoho.

* ExxonMobil had three of its four April Qua Iboe cargoes left to sell and a trader said it cut the offer differential to $2 a barrel above dated Brent, from plus $2.15.

* Forcados offers were also revised slightly lower, from as high as dated Brent plus $2.50 a barrel to just over $2 above.

* Yoho and Erha were offered at $2.10-$2.20 per barrel above dated Brent.

* Angolan crude trading also paused, though only 16-17 of the April-loading cargoes had yet to trade.

* Sonangol was still offering two cargoes, including Dalia at dated Brent minus 70 cents a barrel and a cargo of Saxi at dated Brent plus 75 cents a barrel.

* ExxonMobil had lowered its Angolan Kissanje offers by 10 cents to dated Brent plus 60 cents a barrel and Mondo by 20 cents to dated Brent minus 40 cents.

* Uruguay’s ANCAP issued a new buying tender but sought only a small cargo of 380,000 barrels.

* Tenders are due this week from India’s IOC and Indonesia’s Pertamina, which is looking for crude for April and May delivery. (Reporting By Libby George Editing by David Goodman) ))

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