Kano Assembly: ‘We go impeach govnor Ganduje if na true say him dey guilty


Govnor Ganduje become Kano Govnor for 2015 under Nigeria ruling APC party
‘If we find govnor Ganduje guilty we go impeach am’ na wetin Kano State House of Assembly Majority Leader, Bappa Dan Agundi, tell BBC Pidgin on Monday.

Dan Agundi talk dis one as dem begin investigate one video wey dey claim say Kano State Govnor Umar Ganduje collect moni from some contractor dem for di kontri north west state.

Nigeria corruption police EFCC say dem neva see video wia Govnor Ganduje dey ‘collect’ dollars
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“Dis na very serious issue and I assure say if at di end of di day we find Governor Ganduje guilty we go impeach am because of di gravity of di offence but now na time for investigation.”

Oga Dan Agundi na im be chairman of di seven-man committee wey Kano Assembly give one month make dem investigate di videos.

Journalist Jafar Jafar and publisher of DAILY NIGERIAN on Monday afternoon release anoda video dis time wit voice wey dem claim say show di governor dey collect moni wey reach five million dollars from contractor.

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Kano State goment bin threaten on Sunday evening say dem go carri di online paper; ‘Daily Nigerian’ and tori pesin Jafar Jafar go court, sake of say dem wan spoil govnor Ganduje name.

Kano goment tok say di video no be original, say na computer work.

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Nigeria corruption police EFCC say dem neva see video wia Govnor Ganduje dey ‘collect’ dollars
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Kano State goment say di video of govnor Ganduje na fake
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for Nigeria say dem no dey aware of di govnor Ganduje video wey don go viral.

EFCC tok tok pesin, Wilson Uwujaren, wey follow BBC News Pidgin tori pesin, Mansur Abubakar tok, say di agency no dey aware of di video.

“I no dey aware of any video, I neva see am.” Dis na wetin Uwujaren tell BBC Pidgin for telephone.

Na EFCC dey in charge of investigating anything wey resemble corruption for Nigeria and many pipo dey expect say since di video don dey public domain, dem go start dia work.

Under Nigeria law, govnors follow for those wey get immunity, so notin fit happun to govnor Ganduje wen im still dey office.

Di journalist wey follow BBC Hausa Service yan talk say im life dey at risk dat na why e still dey hide even though Council for di Protection of Journalists (CPJ) don dey aware of im situation.

Jafar say e still get about 14 more videos and e go continue to dey release dem one by one.

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