Why Banky W won


Though singer, Banky W last weekend contested and lost in the polls to represent Eti Osa constituency, Lagos at the House of Representatives, he indeed won the hearts of the people, as he emerged victorious at his own ward in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Commenting during the heat of the elections, Banky whose Modern Democratic Party trailed two other parties at the final outcome of the election, said: “Thank you to every one who voted, volunteered and donated. Collation of all polling units is still on going, but regardless of the final outcome, please take a good look at how we won my polling unit in Lekki Phase 1. Many said we were wasting out time but we took our unknown party and built our agent structure in less than three months and upset the big boys in multiple polling units. We proved it can be done. We must sustain this momentum. This is only the beginning.”

The singer cum actor wasn’t elected eventually. How does he feel? His response: “I feel very grateful, even in defeat because of the things we were able to accomplish. Just by running the kind of campaign we ran and winning some of the major polling units in our area, especially in places like Lekki, Agungi, Idado, Northern Foreshore and Badore among others. Even in the places where we didn’t win, we were consistently placed in the top three right alongside the two major powers that be.

“And we did all this with a new, unknown party, with no godfather or major sponsor and in the space of three months. It shows that we can compete. We actually earned every single vote we got, and that’s something to be proud of. We also hopefully inspired our generation enough to know that it can be done and to participate in the future. We made it to the top three in just three months; imagine what we can do with four years of consistent effort? We may not have won the election in Eti-Osa, but we won something far greater. We won their hearts.”

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