How to Present your Case in the Courtrooms of Heaven


Do not come into court on the basis of need. Come before me based on my purpose for you.

This makes all the difference between getting the right verdict. The WAY that you present the case makes all the difference as to whether you win it or not.

When we approach God as Father we approach for our needs
When we approach God as Friend we approach for the needs of others
When we approach God as Judge we approach for his purposes in the Earth.

Matthew 6: 33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 34“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

We are not getting our needs met or our prayers answered because we are not seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and God’s purposes for our lives first.

Whatever your destiny is, that is tied to God’s purpose. Our destiny is not for our happiness, it’s so that God’s will is done on Earth. So we must come into the courts based on His purpose.

EG Moses in Exodus. And Abraham in Genesis. Gen 18:23:26 Abraham. Why did God bring Abraham into the equation at all in this story? Because Abraham was his friend and knew His heart. And he knew that Abraham would give God the legal right to spare Sodom and Gomorrah from being. Lord, if there are but 10 righteous people would you spare it? Abraham was stepping into the gap. Ezekiel: 22:30 – I sought for a man to stand in the gap.

Ten is the smallest number that constituted a government. He asked God, would you also destroy the righteous with the wicked? Far be it from you to do such a thing, shall not the Judge of all the Earth do right? Abraham is building a case and presenting it to God for His purposes. So too must we build our case when we go into the CoH.

Zach: 3:1-2 – Joshua the High Priest. Clothed with filthy garments. He is the High Priest and the Priesthood was about getting things into place so that God with not have to destroy. They would sprinkle sacrificial blood. Jesus is the new High Priest. Joshua standing before the Lord and Satan. The Lord rebuked Satan away from Joshua not for Joshua’s sake but for Jerusalem’s sake so that He through the intervention of Joshua had the legal right to bring blessing to Jerusalem.

Sometimes the greatest thing we have going for us is our assignment from God. Our needs will only be answered once His purposes are fulfilled.

Psalm 79 : 9-10 Asaf. Help us for the glory of your Name… Also Psalm 23: He leads me… for HIS namesake.

So pray out of the purposes of God. How do we do this?

Firstly we must know which way to approach God: Luke 11 & 18. How do we approach God?

First we approach God as Our Father which art in Heaven; which of you being a father if your son asks for bread would you give him a stone? If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more would the Heavenly father give His children that ask him? So when we come to God the Father it is for our own needs.
As Friend: Vs 5- 8 Which of you would say to a friend who comes to you at midnight and if you cannot help him so the friend gets up and asks another friend? An example of intercession. So when we approach God as friend we are appealing to him for the needs of another.
As Judge: When we are dealing an adversary who is resisting God’s purposes in the Earth not just out of our needs. The woman who keeps asking.

Here’s a short guided prayer for accessing the Court of Accusation.

Secondly, you must Get your book open. That’s where the purpose for your life (Psalm 49:16) is written. The three things that open the books:

True workshop,
timing and
tears of intercession

These three things open the books. Without the books being opened you don’t know what the purpose for anyone or anything is. Daniel 7:10: The court was seated and the books were open and they began to present cases out of their books. Prophetically discern what is written in those books about a situation.

Thirdly we must know God’s purpose for ourselves or the city or organisation that we are interceding for. Isaiah: 43. Once you know the purpose you hold God to it. Put God in remembrance of it. So when I present cases according to His purposes you are coming to prophetic understanding of what’s been written in the books. Your needs are not written in that book, your purpose is.

Fourthly, We prophetically move in agreement with Heaven. Rev. 19:10. This glorious Being showed up and John starts to worship him. The Being says, don’t worship me. I am a fellow servant and I have the testimony of Jesus which is prophecy. It was not an angel. It was a part of the great cloud of witnesses who knew who he was as having the hope of Jesus in his being and releasing testimony.

The Anti-Christ spirit denies and diminishes who Jesus is and who we are in Jesus. This enemy keeps us pressed down from knowing who we truly are. If we knew who we are we would change the world. Christ the hope of glory in you, you would change the world because Greater is he that is in us than he who is in the world. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Testimony: that which is giving judicial witness. The testimony that Jesus is currently releasing from his position as mediator, High Priest and intercessor releasing presently before the throne of God in the Courtrooms of Heaven.

Deut 19:15. God can only render verdicts based on the testimony of two or three witnesses. So even though Jesus is rendering testimony, God has to have corroborating witnesses agreeing with Jesus’ testimony before judgements can be rendered based on that testimony. (43 on the clip). So we need to come into agreement with what Jesus is saying in the CoH and come into agreement with that so that it can be manifested. What you bind on earth must be bound in heaven. We that are in the earth realm have a revelation of what’s going on in the heavenly realm and when we agree with it, heaven comes to earth. John 5:19. I only do what I see the Father do.


Thank you Lord. Praise you. Make me passionate for your purposes. (We shake free from our own selfish needs. Matthew 6:33. Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of heaven then all your needs will get met. If you lose your life for my sake, you will find it. (He is no fool who gives away what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose). My life is for your purpose and your purpose alone Lord. Forgive me for making it about me. Help me Lord to make it about you and to be able from a genuine heart to come and present cases in your court to see your purposes done in the Earth. Amen?

(55:10 in the clip) Lord I come before you tonight. I repent for making it about me. I have murmured and I have complained because it was about me and I am sorry Lord. Please forgive me and give me grace right now that would make it about you. I would have the ability to lay down my life to lose my life for your purposes that I might find my life. I ask you to teach me how to make my plea before you – my case before you, connected to your purpose, your namesake and connected to your covenant. I can bring my case before you and make it about you and your will on the Earth. Thank you Lord.

I am willing to lay my life down for your purposes to be done. Your grace, anointing and your purpose. Present our cases before you out of the books of heaven. That we will live to see the day when the glory of the Lord covering the earth as the waters cover the seas.

9 voices in heaven testifying on your behalf.

Robert Henderson has given permission for this to be posted, in regards to the 9 voices in the Courts of Heaven.

1. The voice of the blood of Jesus – The blood of Jesus releases testimony before the Throne of God that allows the Lord legal right to fulfill His passion.

2. The Mediator of the new covenant – Mediators are officers of a legal system sent to resolve conflict.

3. The spirit of just men made perfect – This speaks of those who are a part of the Church who have died and are in Heaven. They still have a viable and necessary function in the court system of Heaven.

4. God, the Judge of all – Isn’t it interesting that God is revealed not as Father or Lord but as Judge in this scripture. It is because the Holy Spirit desires us to recognise the legal position God holds as Judge of all.

5. The Church of the firstborn registered in Heaven – We as the Ecclesia have a tremendous place in the courts when we have been authorised and recognised.

6. The general assembly – The word in the Greek is universal companionship and it speaks of the multitudes worshipping the Lord about His throne. Their function of worship is essential to the operation of the courts.

7. An innumerable company of angels – There are varying ranks of angels that are a part of the court of Heaven’s operations.

8. The city of the living God, Heavenly Jerusalem – This is actually the wife of the Lamb as is mentioned in the book of Revelation. The wife of Bride of the Lamb’s voice has a termendous impact in the courts of Heaven.

9. The voice of finance – Our giving of finances has great weight and authority when they come into agreement with Heaven’s desire and intent

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