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    Oshiomhole: When a Godfather Becomes Opposition Leader

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    Eddy odivwri

    Hey, what exactly is happening between Adams Oshiomhole and the Edo State Governor? The news from that state are pretty unsettling

    It is just one of those political steam. It will all simmer soon.

    This is more than political steam. Didn’t you hear that the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) was recently beaten up by thugs in a state he governed, just few years ago?

    I think the incident was exaggerated.

    I don’t know about exaggeration. But please somebody should tell Mr Oshiomhole to take it easy. He should respect himself and calm down. He should be getting ready to be admitted into the league of Elder Statesmen. But the way he is going, he is losing grip and focus of his social standing.

    I think the people of the state should be respectful. How can they rise in arms against their former governor and the chairman of a ruling party both in the state and at theNational level? Are they so rude and rudderless?

    Tell him to follow and mind his lane. Haba!

    What does that mean?

    He should face his job as National Chairman of the APC. He shouldn’t be seen to be over meddling in the nitty gritty of the Edo politics. He cannot be National Chairman in Abuja and alternate Governor of Edo State at the same time.

    But he’s done governing Edo State. He’s moved on.

    He should move on indeed!. He should stop breathing down the neck of the governor, simply because he projected him to be voted for. Oshiomhole is a Christian. He must be reminded of the golden rule: do unto others what you want them do unto you.

    Yes, how has he offended that rule?

    Are you asking me? When Oshiomhole was governor, who was dictating what to do for him? Did anyone person nominate his entire cabinet or top government functionaries? Why is he micro-managing Governor Godwin Obaseki? That is the root of all the problem.

    Have you forgotten how Oshiomhole stuck out his neck for Obaseki during the election of Obaseki?Have you forgotten how he went with him, introducing him across the state at the various campaigns? Is it this disloyalty that is Oshiomhole’s reward? Is it fair?

    Nobody is disputing all that. But how can a man sell off a goat and refuse to let go the rope tying the goat to a stake?

    Is that why the state will do things in crooked and untoward manner? Didn’t you hear of the nocturnal inauguration of the just nine members of the state assembly at 9.30 pm? Is it a cult? Or didn’t you hear that a house member so inaugurated came in a knicker and T’ shirt to the hallowed chamber? Where did you ever hear of that abominable dress code among lawmakers in this country?

    The inauguration was not done at 9.30pm. Stop exaggeration! Show me any section of the law that says only trousers and wrappers can be worn by lawmakers to the chamber.

    Look, it is all a mark of utmost bad faith for the governor to start biting the fingers that fed him.


    When someone is said to be a godfather, he should not turn himself to an opponent simply because the godson does not want to be reduced to a robot. Were it not so, why is Oshiomhole now standing strongly against the re-election bid of Obaseki? He wants to give Obaseki the Ambode treatment? That will surely trigger some crisis in the state

    I don’t know who is a robot here. All men of good faith must show loyalty and gratitude to those who mentored them. That’s all! I am sure Oshiomhole is asking for. Not anything more.

    He is asking for far more than that. If you know the inner details of the grudge fight, you will know that the former comrade governor is extremely overbearing. He wants to control, regulate and approve everything happening in the state. If possible, he’d want to regulate the air Gov Obaseki breathes. Who does that! Pray, why is he so concerned about who becomes the Speaker of the State Assembly, after he had imposed his blood brother as one of the lawmakers? Is that not a cultic love for power?

    Do you know that Gov Obaseki is silently stoking the fire to force Oshiomhole to resign as National chairman of APC? Is that not betrayal?

    And don’t tell me about Oshomhole breathing down his neck. If he cannot stay the heat, he should leave the kitchen. Was there no Terms and Condition binding their understanding?

    That is not true! Do you have any proof of Gov Obaseki moving for Oshiomhole’s ouster?

    I am sure the respected Oba of Benin has to intervene at this juncture so the Edo people can maximally reap the benefit of democratic governance.

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