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Purgatory doctrines is from the Pit of Hell- Prophet Azuka

By: Okafor Joseph

Saturday, July 27,2019 @ 5: 14 AM

The General Overseer of Kingdom Power International Christians Praying Centre, Prophet Ohez Greg Azuka, has boldly condemned the doctrines of purgatory practiced in some churches in Nigerian, Africa, and the world today were the dying human soul travel to a temporary place to purify itself and be “cleansed” before entering the fullness of Heaven.

According to him any doctrine that gives rooms for the souls of sinners such as prostitute, Occult men and women, politicians, false preachers and other wicked people that disobeyed the commandment of God here on earth and automatically transports to a place of purification for sins to washed in other to achieve the holiness necessary to enter…heaven,” hail from the pit of hell to destroy the soul of men.

Prophet Azuka, while teaching on the message titled The New Heaven and the New Earth, said heaven and hell was widely taught in the 66 books of the Holy Bible each time our Lord Jesus Christ gathered the multitude together revealing the danger of the missing the kingdom of God and also other Apostles of the New Testament and the Old testament appointed by God all spoke and preach about Heaven and Hell he said. The Messages of

purgatory are never found in the 66 Books of Holy Bible and were never preached by our Lord Jesus Christ the only Son of God and the apostles of the New Testament and the old testament of God he added.

However Prophet Ohez made a surprise statement when he said that millions of people under the council of tent of purgatory are on their way to hellfire adding that purgatory is hierarchy, a false doctrine introduce to the world by council of tent to affirm and damned anyone who claimed, ‘that after the grace of justification has been received the guilt is so remitted and the debt of eternal punishment so blotted out for any repentant sinner, that no debt of temporal punishment remains to be paid.

He noted that if the message of purgatory is real why has it not be revealed to researchers just as God almighty revealed the pictures of Hellfire to Russian scientists.

Furthermore the former Deeper Life Bible Church location Pastor disclosed that the message of purgatory was picked from the second book of Maccabees written by the warriors of dark ages, a Syrian king who fought the great Israel nation adding that during that time the earth was without revelation and experience great silent from God, because the almighty God was preparing for the coming of his only SON JESUS CHRIST.

Prophet Azuka added that Martin Luther King the great reformer kicked against the message of purgatory that introduced by the priest or priestess to destroy the souls of men in hell because no higher authorizes has the power to cancel out penance for sins

The prophet called out preachers of purgatory to desist from the act of

Sabotage and therefore urging Nigeria’s and Africa’s to stop accepting the message of purgatory that has sent millions of souls to hellfire for eternity.






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