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    Yellow fever, the fast killer

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    Bisola Akinlabi
    Akinlabi Bisola is a health and meds journalist with a deep background in Public Health Education and with a B.Sc in Health Education and Masters in Public Health Educator. You can catch up on her articles on her website

    As a result of a report of several cases and death from fever of unknown origin in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebony state, the state Public Health team commenced investigation and as at 31st July 2019, three of the case patient tested positive to Yellow Fever at the NCDC National Reference Laboratory which triggered a rapid response by the body.

    It was discovered during the course of investigation by the Epidemiology team of Ebony state that between 1st of May and 7th of August 2019, there had been cases that fit into the case definition of Yellow Fever and 20 deaths in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebony state, indicating that outbreaks may have been going in for few months undetected by Local Health Authorities.

    Nigeria being one of the high priority countries for the Eliminate Yellow Fever Epidemic(EYE) program which was launched in 2017 is an unprecented initiative with more than 50 partners.

    The EYE partnership support 40 at risk countries in Africa and Central and Southern America to prevent, detect and respond to Yellow Fever suspected cases and outbreaks to prevent international spread and curb outbreaks rapidly.

    By 2026, it is expected that 1billion people will be protected against the disease. Since the months of April, 322 suspected cases were recorded at the NCDC Central Public Health Laboratory, 1new presumptive positive case from Imi state in Pray Local Government Area.

    Yusuf Danshoho Memorial Hospital in Kaduna reported 1presumptive case. Gombe Specialist Hospital also reported 1 presumptive Case.

    Three new confirmed cases werre also reported from Edo State,Ikpoba-okah Local Government Area.

    This trend shows that we have a lot on our sleeves if we are to curb this outbreak as majority of the members of the public are not even vaccinated against the disease which is a primary link to stop the spread of the disease.

    Yellow Fever being an acute viral hemorrhagic disease( disease of the blood) is very deadly and can kill within 7-10 if prompt and correct form of treatment is not administered.

    It is transmitted through bite from the Aedes specie of mosquitoes and its commonly found in tropics regions like Nigeria.

    The “Yellow” in the name refers to the yellowing of the sclera(white) part of the eye and the skin which is as a result of the increased level of bilirubin in the blood(jaundice).

    With the incubation period of 3-6 days, many people do not experience symptoms but when they occur it could be fever, headache, jaundice, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting and fatigue.

    It could get to a more toxic stage of the disease within 24 hours of recovering from initial symptoms, several body systems could be affected usually the liver and the kidneys.

    Currently, there is no specific antiviral drug for Yellow Fever but specific cure to treat dehydration, liver and kidney failure and fever improves outcome.

    The most important thing is not to get infected by getting vaccinated with the Yellow Fever vaccine at the nearest immunization point which is available for individual’s from 9 months of age and above, it is usually given on the upper part of the right hand.

    Also, ensure you and you family always sleep under mosquito treated net, ensure your windows are screened from mosquitoes also try as much as possible to have a door net which is self closing( those ones with strings attached), so as to avoid the door being left opened which could lead to mosquitoes coming in.

    Keeping our surroundings clean by cutting grasses, ensuring there is no stagnant water in our environment, keeping the drainage clean is also a way of protecting ourselves and families from mosquitoes as dirty environment is a breeding space for it.

    For those that will want to travel outside the country there will be need for you to get a Yellow Card ( a card which authenticate that you have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever), the Federal Government have introduced E-yellow card due to the manace of several cases fake yellow card .

    This card just like the vacvine is for international travellers of 9 months and older . The card cost #2000 which could be paid online via card payment.

    Visit for more information.
    Get vaccinated against Yellow Fever today.

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