Nigeria mull investors with November savings bonds


The Federal Government on Monday offered November savings bonds for subscription.

The Debt Management Office disclosed that it offered a two-year FGN savings bond due on November 13, 2021 at the rate of 10.296 per cent per annum; and a three-year FGN savings bond due on November 13, 2022 at the rate of 11.296 per cent per annum.

The subscriptions, which opened on Monday, had a closing date of November 8, 2019 and a settlement date of November 13, 2019.

Coupon payment dates were given as February 13, May 13 and November 13.

It added that the unit of sale was N1,000, subject to a minimum subscription of N5,000 and in multiples of N1,000. It is also subject to a maximum subscription of N50m

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