Panic over Lassa fever scare in Ondo


Residents of Ondo state are panicking over reported outbreak of Lassa fever in the state.

A source, in one of the hospitals, said score of patients have been affected by the disease, which is said to be getting out of control.

It was learnt there were more reported cases at the Federal Medical Centre(FMC) in Owo, Ondo state and other state government hospitals.

Another unconfirmed report said the disease has claimed many lives at the Federal Medical Centre, Owo.

Confirming the incident, Commissioner for Health,Dr. Wahab Adegbenro, said the issue was being addressed by government officials.

“I am currently at the governor’s office and we are having a meeting.

“That’s (Lassa fever outbreak )what we trying to address now. We are working on the report available and the next line of action. That is why I am in the Governor’s office. There will be pronouncement after the meeting, ” he stated.

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