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    Listen to your wife, Aisha’s advice on your next chief of staff, not selfish politicians, Primate Ayodele tells Buhari

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    Lawrence Enyoghasu

    Primate Elijah Ayodele, the founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church has said that President Muhammadu Buhari needs to consult his wife, Aisha, more for the stability and success of his govern- ment. This, according to him, is because the country needs a woman’s touch more than ever before.

    Sometimes ago, you said a death was coming close to the presidency, has it already come or should we wait for another?

    We are not happy that somebody died but the disobedience to prophecy will continue to hunt those in power. The president and his aides need prayer. There are unimaginable forces in the villa.

    You mentioned something about the first lady, Aisha Buhari?

    Yes, she is a woman of strong faith and prayers. She has been divinely wired to be instrumental to the stability and success of her husband’s government and that’s why some forces have been fighting her and her children so that she won’t have a voice. Note this, the president will succeed more if he consults widely within his family before choosing his next chief of staff. He needs to choose a technocrat, someone who thinks about Nigeria first, it has to be someone who can feel the pulse of the poor. He needs an administrator. A person who understands that government has to reflect on the poor. He needs a well-educated person, especially with the discipline of a military background. Someone who must be able to network across the nation to give his government a good image that he really needs in this last lap of his government. This is why the president needs more consultation within his family and not outsiders. His family; his wife and children are the only people who will tell him the naked truth, protect his best interest and not outsiders. He needs his family now more than ever.

    Presidents who have given their wives key roles in governance have performed well more than those who have relegated their wives to back seats. A woman can see better than a man because they are created differently. Clairvoyance is one of their advantages over men. The nation is sick and needs its mother.

    It is going to be difficult for Buhari to understand this because he has another ideology of a woman’s role. He needs to listen to her now because when they fall, they fall together and nobody can love Buhari more than Aisha and her children and that makes them first person to be consulted before picking his next chief of staff.

    How would you rate government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic?

    Our medical personnel have done tremendously well. I will give it to governor of Lagos State and his Commissioner for Health; they have been our saviours. Our medical practitioners just need more incentives from the government and the public generally, it is not easy to face death and still not give up. The truth is that government needs to put things in place because coronavirus is not going now, there is no amount of medicine and herbs that will make the disease go now.

    There will be social distancing throughout this year. The government needs to build more isolation centres. What has added to the problem is that the government has used fear to publicise the virus.

    People are not willingly submitting themselves to test because of the unknown. People would prefer to die at home than in the hands of the government that they don’t trust. They need to reconstruct the way they pass their massages.

    The biggest mistake is that government neglected the role of the church and mosque in sensitizing the people. Most people believe what they hear from their pastor than government.

    Also, they need to give God a chance, the clerics who say they can pray and heal patients, should be taken to the centres at once, otherwise this thing will spread and about five million people will be affected. Between May and July, the number of infected people would increase to 10,000. The vaccine will come out around July but it would have wreaked havoc. We are not saying open churches, we are saying give them a chance to embrace the only thing they believe in.

    What has your church been doing to support the people since this started?

    I have fed about 200,000 people this period. I have also supported 250, 000 poor in the name of the United Nation Peace Advocacy without collecting a dime from them. I have shared facemasks and hand sanitizers. I am doing my best with what God has given me.

    The UN and Nigeria are missing it because they have not invited God. If care is not taken, the number of affected people might run to 50 million.

    How did this come about?

    It is not like we deserve it but we contributed to it. It came to us because the rich has abandoned the poor. The sickness is not for the poor, it is for the rich but they are infesting the poor. The poor do not care about the sickness. The rich knows it and are taking advantage of it.

    It is the more reason the church needs to be included in sensitization process because the poor can only hear full details from their pastors and Imams.

    What did God tell you about what is happening in the world right now?

    The spirit of God says there will be some natural disasters in the various regions of the world. I foresee outbreak of diseases that will be of an epidemic status.

    I saw that so many strange and new things will be coming up in the world. Let us rebuke terrible unrest in parts of the world. The world leaders should come together on this because of terrorist attacks.

    Power will be fighting power in the world as powerful countries will not want to be downgraded by aspiring super powers.

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