Of Ihedioha and the many libelous press release in Imo: Connecting the dots…


Ihedioha fizzled faster than one’s shadows at the sight of light.

His greatest undoing would be his perpetual doubts. Doubts that he, somehow, remains the authentic Governor of Imo State.

To establish this puerile distinction, his talebearers are all over this space dishing out untoward falsehood and bandying semantics tactlessly.

That one is a “Supreme Court Governor” is a different way of saying he is a LEGITIMATE Governor.

After all, if the Supreme court upholds Justice, and Legitimacy means what is “Lawful”, why should a Sound-minded Hope Uzodimma bat an eyelid when he is called by a name validated by the Law? This is actually not my story.

One is particularly disturbed with the recent criminal preoccupation of the “Ihedioha League of Mourners”.

These are people who are yet to get over the deserved defeat of their paymaster at the Court of Justice.

One thing connects them, they are all young men sworn to uphold the ideals of Ihedioha. Apart from Collins Opurozor, who appears to be a new convert into this team of scandalous e-thugs, Aic Akwarandu and Ambrose Nwaogwugwu are long standing Apostles of the Ihedioha school of politics.

These trio are the sources of all the forged and phoney Press Releases couriered by their impressionable proxies. And often times, they manipulate some blogs using financial inducements to wrongly publish their story.

All they need is virality, enough to earn the attention and believe of unwary readers

The mandate is simple – to demarket the Hope Uzodimma administration. It is disappointing to note that all of this repulsive stories bear the express imprimatur of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. The slimy Green Cap snake is the Master of subterfuge.

Just like how he wrongly managed his short lived vendetta-filled and illegal reign, he is wont to mismanaging his fated opposition status.

Ihedioha is spent, and has very little to seek from life. Can we say same of these young men who risk having a jeopardized future? If I were Aic, Ambrose or Collins, I would simply look at Ihedioha and boldly tell him, “Teacher, no teach me nonsense”. Opposition is not a call to criminality. It is in the place of the Law to investigate and bring defaulters to Justice.

I hope Ihedioha would be there for his Proteges when this drizzling rain becomes a deluge.


– Mazi Ejimofor

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