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COVID-19 could be airborne- WHO

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Bisola Akinlabi
Akinlabi Bisola is a health and meds journalist with a deep background in Public Health Education and with a B.Sc in Health Education and Masters in Public Health Educator. You can catch up on her articles on her website

The World Health Organisation is looking into emerging evidence that COVID-19 could be airborne, this was made public at the media briefing in Geneva on Tuesday. Benedetta Allegranzi, the WHO’s technical lead for infection prevention and control, explained “The possibility of airborne transmission in public settings-especially in very specific conditions, crowded, closed, poorly ventilated settings that have been described, cannot be ruled out.” However, the evidence needs to be gathered and interpreted, and we continue to support this”.

The virus responsible for COVID-19 have been confirmed prior by WHO to be transmitted primarily via droplets from nose and mouth of an infected individual. on the other hand, the Clinical Infectious Disease Journal published an open letter stated, 239 scientists from 32 countries highlighted evidence that they said revealed floating virus particles can infect people who breathe them in.

The evidence revealed, exhaled virus particles can linger in the air leading to the scientists urging WHO to review its guidance, the paper was signed by Jose Jimenez, a chemist at the University of Colorado, “we wanted them to acknowledge the evidence” he said.

He further confirmed the need to make public the findings became necessary following their refusal to hear the evidence and was not an attack on the organisation.

The theory of aerosol transmission has always been a debate in the medical profession. Panic buying of highly protective face masks as experienced with household items prior to the lockdown order and also, fear among healthcare professionals which could result to some snubbing their professional responsibilities were some of the apprehensions of the opposition to the aerosol transmission notion.

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