Oyo state Govt presents 2018/2019 Annual School Census Report


By Ibukun Emiola

Ibadan, July 23, 2020 The Oyo State government says it has called for data and statistical input to facilitate the 2018/2019 Annual School Census (ASC) process.

The government also says it will collaborate with the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) for necessary technical support for the census.

This is indicated in a statement issued in Ibadan on Thursday by Mr Olasunkanmi Olaleye, the State Commissioner for education.

Olaleye represented the state government at the presentation and dissemination of 2018/2019 ASC held on Wednesday at the Emmanuel Alayande Resource Centre in Ibadan.

Olaleye gave a brief overview of the 2018/2019 Annual School Census which showed that there were 2,449 public primary schools with an increase of 35 schools compared to 2017/2018 academic session which represented an increase of 1.45 per cent.

He also said that there was an increase of 566 in intake for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools, which showed there has been an increase from 3,945 in previous academic year by 2.9 per cent and five public technical colleges in the State.

Olaleye explained that the stakeholders meeting was another landmark in the efforts of the present administration at generating accurate, timely and reliable data for maximum outcome in education service delivery in the state.

He stated that education had great potential for transforming individuals and society because of its influence on values, attitude and its assistance in training and preparing people for different careers in life.

Olaleye said that this had informed the commitment and readiness of the present government to ensure that the required quality is achieved in the state’s education sector.

”The state government is committed to providing quality education for its citizenry, visible from various initiatives that bring about a positive reform in the state education sector which consequently have created so much demand for accurate and reliable data.

“The need for planning educational system is derived from the fact that society is not static and education must respond as well as adapt to the changing technological, economical, political and social environment of the nation.

“In line with global demand, statistical information for the education sector is indispensable, data is key to any practical and meaningful education planning hence, the need for timely, accurate, and up-to date education data,”he said.

Olaleye said that ASC was a yearly event conducted by the ministry for the purpose of obtaining data for policies, planning, monitoring and evaluating the system towards effective management of education in the state.

“However, the exercise is not a Ministry of Education, Science and Technology affair alone but a collective responsibility of all stakeholders hence, the necessity for this feedback meeting.

“Oyo State believes in an education system that provides equal opportunity to every Nigerian irrespective of gender, social status, age, religion, ethnic background, geographical location and any peculiar challenge.

“The United Nations International Children Fund (UNICEF) has consistently been supportive of Oyo State government’s educational system in terms of collaboration and partnership aimed at improving human capacity, tailored towards delivery of qualitative formal education,” he said.

Olaleye, however, expressed gratitude to all partners and stakeholders, including UNICEF, and particularly the ministry, agencies and boards as well as the private sector for their unflinching support.

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