Amnesty accuses U.S. police of human rights abuses


Washington, Aug. 4, 2020 (dpa/Naija247news) Amnesty International on Tuesday accused the U.S. police of violating the human rights of protesters during the anti-racism demonstrations in the U.S.
In a report published on Tuesday, Amnesty says police repeatedly used physical violence, chemical irritants like tear gas or pepper spray, as well as less lethal projectiles like rubber bullets to disperse peaceful protests.
According to the report, recent events had raised concerns regarding the rights to life, to security of the person, to equal protection of the law, to freedom from discrimination and to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.
The human rights organisation lists 125 independent incidents of unnecessary and excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies in 40 states and the capital.
The report added that law enforcement agents reportedly targeted not only peaceful protesters but also media representatives and street medics with physical force, chemical irritants, kinetic impact projectiles, and arbitrary arrest and detention.
It, however, called for tougher measures against and prosecution of police violence.
The U.S. had been swept by a wave of protests following the death of George Floyd, a black man, after being arrested by police in Minnesota.
Although the protests have been largely peaceful, U.S. President Donald Trump deployed federal agents to major cities such as Portland, Oregon, which have been criticized for disproportionate use of force.
According to Amnesty, over 1,000 people have been killed by police violence in the U.S. each year, though there are no official numbers. Statistics indicate that a disproportionate number of victims are black people.