North Korean leader appoints new prime minister


Seoul, Aug. 14, 2020 North Korean leader Kim Jung Un has replaced Prime Minister Kim Jae Ryong after only one year in office, instead appointing Kim Tok Hun to the post, state media reported on Friday.

Kim Hun, an economics expert in his late 50s, was reportedly also appointed a member of the steering committee of the politburo during a meeting late on Thursday.

The politburo is the highest executive organ within the ruling Communist party’s central committee.

It remained unclear why Kim Jae Ryong, who had been elected premier in April 2019, was replaced.

Flood damage and the clean-up effort as well as improvements to the population’s living conditions were also reportedly discussed during the meeting of the politburo.

As chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Kim Jong Un has dictatorial power in the internationally isolated country.

The commission is the highest decision-making body.