Expert says hair loss can have psychological impact on people


By Oluwakemi Oladipo
Lagos, Aug.26, 2020(NAN) A Senior Hair Loss Consultant, Mr Ayo Otubanjo, said that devastating effects of hair loss could cause psychological effects on sufferers.
Otubanjo, also the Africa Regional Chief Executive Officer, Vinci Hair Clinic in Nigeria and Ghana, said this at the first ever hair loss virtual conference to celebrate “Hair Loss Awareness Month” on Wednesday in Lagos
Naija247news reports that the virtual session was organised by Vinci Hair Clinic on the theme: “Hair Restored, Confidence Secured”.
Vinci Hair Clinic is a global hair restoration brand comprising 40 clinics in 14 countries across the six continents with extensive experience in restoring hair loss.
He said that some of the psychological effects of hair loss sufferers are: complaining of low-self esteem, lack of career progression and even lack of intimacy with their spouses.
“Fortunately, hair loss has a cure and our company provides local treatment options.
“Depending on race and heredity, a full head of human hair contains between 100,000 hair strands and 150,000 hair strands.
“However, at least 25 per cent of men show signs of hair loss and between 30 per cent and 40 per cent of women will undergo hereditary hair loss by the time they reach menopause, ” Otubanjo said.
Similarly, Dr Tunde Adeife, a Hair Transplant Surgeon with Vinci Hair Clinic Africa, said that there were different types of hair loss and treatment options.
Adeife said that experts should be contacted to find solution to hair loss who then would narrow down treatment options to produce the desired results.
He said, “A hair transplant surgery works by removing hair follicles from one part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’.
“Many believe that it is a scary procedure, while some say the surgery can negatively impact on the brain.
“These are all false beliefs because besides hair transplant surgery, other hair restoration options include; medications, platelet rich plasma therapy, mesotherapy and micro- scalp pigmentation.”
Also, Sabina Zel, the Senior Micro Scalp Pigmentation Technician from Vinci United Kingdom, said that micro scalp pigmentation is a medical tattoo and a non-invasive treatment option for hair loss.
Zel said that the procedure involves using micro-needles to deposit pigments into the scalp.
He added that such would create the illusion of tiny hair follicles which restore the look of fuller hair.
Zel said that it was best for individuals with thinning hairs, a balding head or a receding hairline.
Anthony Monjaro, one of the participants at the conference shared his before-and- after-hair-restoration experiences.
Monjaro, an indigenous actor, said that his hair loss started gradually and within a few years his head had become bald.
He said that the situation affected his self confidence, performance and appearance as an actor.
“Thankfully, I discovered Vinci Hair Clinic and opted for a micro-scalp pigmentation and ever since, my confidence has been restored,” he said.

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