Insider Dealing: Dr. Raymond Purchase 204,541 Shares in Honeywell Flour Mill


The management of Honeywell Flour Mill Plc has disclosed that Dr. Raymond Zoukpo, a non-executive director of the company, purchased 204,541 shares in Honeywell Flour Mill Plc.

In a statement signed by Yewande Giwa, (Head, Company Secretariat and Regulatory Affairs), the company disclosed that Dr. Raymond Zoukpo bought the shares September 3, 2020, on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in Lagos, Nigeria.

Dr. Raymond purchased total shares of 204,541 at a price of N0.96k.

Raymond Zoukpo‘s Profile

Raymond Zoukpo, based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, is a Senior Advisor at ASG. He works with ASG clients on trade and investment priorities in West Africa, drawing on decades of experience as a development finance executive and deep networks across the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

An economist by training, Dr. Zoukpo served for nearly 30 years at the African Development Bank (AfDB), where he held senior positions including Director of Risk Management, Director of Institutional Reforms, Head of Debt Management, and Director to the Chief Operating Officer, in addition to advisory roles in the office of former bank president Donald Kaberuka. In addition to providing expertise in Africa, Dr. Zoukpo advises ASG clients with interest in Japan-Africa business opportunities.

Dr. Zoukpo received his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Abidjan and completed his M.A. and PhD at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. He is a member of various industry associations in West Africa and serves as Director on the Advisory Board of the Initiative for Global Development. He is also on the board of Honeywell Flour Mills PLC in Nigeria. He is currently President and CEO of Eburnie Consulting Group.

Dr. Zoukpo is fluent in French, Japanese, and English.

Transaction details below:

Insider Dealing: Dr. Raymond Buys 204,541 Shares in Honeywell Flour Mill
SOURCE: NSE | Insider dealing disclosure

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