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NAF inuagurate golf club in Kaduna Inuaguration

By Mohammed Tijjani
Kaduna, Oct. 3, 2020 The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) on Saturday, inuagurated its renovated Wuyep Lakeside Golf Club at the NAF Base in Kaduna.

Naija247news reports that AVM Kingsley Lar, Commandant Armed Forces Resettlement Center, who inaugurated the club, said golf is for all ages, and part of military physical fitness.

He added that one could play golf for up to 90 or 100 years, if fit.
“There are physical exercises that even the doctors advise against when one gets to a certain age but golf is not one of them, because it involves walking and mental thinking.

“Golf gives a complete physical fitness and also the opportunity to interact with like minds during the course of a round of golf which typically can be from three to five hours.”

According to him, while playing golf, one is killing many birds with one stone.
“You have the place to recreate or if you don’t play, then you have a seat in the bar, interface and interact with friends or even play alone or with two, three or four people.

“It’s an activity that gives you the opportunity to do so many things, you start gradually and treck many kilometres which a lot of value will be added health wise.

“Having a golf course in the base will avail our officers and men, children and spouses the opportunity for recreation, interaction and most importantly one can earn income.

“The young men that carry our bags sometimes make two to three thousand naira daily, imagine a boy roaming around or becoming a nuisance, he comes here three times a week and able to make N6, 000.

“It would be an opportunity for the barracks community, our families and friends, not only here, having golf courses all over the country would help improve the economy.

“Golf is also a training ground for leaders, it is a game where virtually you play it on your own, if you play it to the bush, we may not follow you there, you tell us whatever happens to you there truthfully.

“Golf is also a place where you learn the characters of people, either truthful ones, dishonest ones and those who have integrity,” Lar said.

Earlier, the club captain, Air Comdr Nnemeka Ilo, appreciated the NAF headquarters, Base commandant, and the AOC Air Training Command, AVM Musa Mukthar for their support in the rehabilitation of the golf course.

He said fund for the rehabilitation of the golf course was secured from the Nigeria Air Force Investment Limited.

“We decided today to call golfers both retired and serving as well as civilian friends to enjoy a round of golf, as all work no play makes Jack a dull boy.
“W are very much involved here in Kaduna to see that people live peacefully and no hidden grounds for bandits,” he said.

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