Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for coronavirus


Cristiano Ronaldo — arguably the most famous athlete in the world — has tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Portuguese Football Association.

He’s already been sent away from the team so he can self-quarantine at his home.

The PFA issued a statement saying Ronaldo “is doing well, without symptoms.” PFA did not say exactly WHEN Ronaldo tested positive.

Ronaldo’s teammates were all retested after CR7’s positive result — with no new positives. The rest of the team will continue to train as usual to prep for Wednesday’s game against Sweden in Portugal.

What’s concerning is a photo Ronaldo posted on social media Monday, showing him crowded around a table with his Portugal teammates.

No one in the photo is wearing a mask or social distancing.

35-year-old Ronaldo played all 90 minutes when Portugal took on France on Sunday in France.

Only 1,000 fans were allowed inside the Stade de France to watch the game. The stadium typically holds around 80,000 people.

Ronaldo also played against Spain last week.

One of the big issues … medical experts say it can take between 2 and 14 days for someone infected with COVID to show symptoms.

In other words, it’s probably not safe to assume his teammates are all out of the woods yet. And, the decision to push forward and practice and play could lead to disaster.

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