UK-Nigeria Tech Hub launches virtual programmes to support tech-entrepreneurship


By Funmilola Gboteku

Lagos, Dec. 2, 2020 Two virtual programmes, Innovative Teachers Fellowship and Future Females Business School Programme, have been launched by the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub to support tech-entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

The Country Director, UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, Honey Ogundeyi, stated this in a statement on Wednesday.

Ogundeyi said that the new programmes would help entrepreneurs build financial sustainability and adaptability into their business models.

She explained that UK-Nigeria Tech Hub works to stimulate local digital economies.

It also supports inclusive, sustainable economic growth, jobs creation, build high-end digital skills, and forge innovative partnerships between the Nigerian tech sector and international businesses.

“Our aim now is to empower entrepreneurs and teachers with the relevant skills, tools, and knowledge to help them better respond to the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19,” she said.

Ogundeyi said the Tech Hub was pinpointing gaps and opportunities in order to create specialised and definitive training for tech entrepreneurs and other key communities who required tailored COVID-19 support.

She noted that the hub was also identifying partners, experts and enablers – locally and globally – with a vested interest in supporting these businesses.

Ogundeyi said that the Innovative Teachers Fellowship programme, which was launched in November 2019 in partnership with CCHUB, was upskilling 300 teachers.

The country director said that the hub would be providing 21st-century teaching skills focused on the use of technology to create interactive learning content for students, as well as the use of digital tools to support learning.

“The programme highlights the use of teaching tools such as digital labs, digital tools for content delivery and assessment, classroom management as well as digital safety skills.

“It would also improve the digital skills of the participating teachers through the various collaborative activities including webinars aimed to help them apply the concepts they have learned to solve real world problems.

“To increase gender diversity in tech, the UK- Nigeria Tech Hub’s Future Females Business School Programme in partnership with Future Females is supporting 150 Nigerian female entrepreneurs over the next three months.

“This programme will enable their tech-based businesses to scale and become more sustainable,” Ogundeyi said.

She said that participants at the Future Females Business School programme would have access to mentorship opportunities with industry experts.

Ogundeyi added that the programme would also provide capacity building training covering 10 actionable modules, while equipping them with entrepreneurial skills and best practices needed to grow their tech-based businesses.

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