Anambra 2021: Don tasks electorate on credible leader


By Lucy Osuizigbo-Okechukwu

Awka, Dec. 19, 2020 A political analyst, Prof. Augustine Nonyelu, has urged the Anambra electorate to start looking out for a credible leader who would implement good policies, ahead of November 2021 state governorship election.

Nonyelu who is the Director, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Business School, made the call on Saturday at a symposium organised by the Correspondents’ Chapel in Awka.

The symposium had the theme: ‘Anambra 2021: Setting Agenda for Credible Leadership’.

He said that credibility and integrity should guide their choice during the forthcoming poll

According to him, Anambra needs a governor who understands that the purpose of leadership is to protect and empower the citizens.

“With the kind of personalities and resources that we have in Anambra State, we are still not where we are supposed to be in terms of development.

“Different administrations have made some progress over the years to ensure transformation in the socio-economic and political landscapes of the state but basic amenities such as housing, healthcare, power supply, pipeborne water and good roads are still lacking.

“This is because Anambra politics is faced with challenges such as godfatherism, violence and political thuggery. As a result of godfatherism, the people are deprived of their fundamental human right to vote credible leaders.

“And when these imposed persons get to power, they do the bidding of their godfathers and refuse to pay attention to the yearnings of the people.

“It’s time we did away with godfatherism in our politics, “he admonished.

Nonyelu highlighted honesty, transparency, humility, innovative and competence as some leadership qualities the electorate should look for in those campaigning for votes in the November 2021 governorship election.

“As we approach another year of election, let this be a litmus test for those who are asking for our votes, those who wish to be re-elected and those who wish to be elected.

“We must elect a leader with integrity and competence, not a corrupt or dubious individual. An honest, sincere and exemplary leader who has the interest of the people at heart and would deliver on their campaign promises.

“When we vote someone who has effective leadership skills, there would be positive and desired changes in the state,” Nnoyelu added.

In his remarks, Mr Emmanuel Ndukuba, Chairman of the Correspondents’ Chapel, said that the challenges faced in the nation could be traceable to inadequacies in political leadership.

“Part of our functions as journalists includes agenda setting, especially as residents in Anambra will be going to the poll to elect a new governor.

“The issue of poor leadership has contributed to the high rate of poverty, unemployment, insecurity, corruption, lack of rule of law, absence of accountability and transparency, among others.

“The country needs a committed leader who would harness our human and natural resources for the common good of Nigerians,” Ndukuba said.

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