Mauritius records slight increase in unemployment rate


Port-Louis, Dec. 24, 2020 Statistics Mauritius on Thursday said that the unemployment rate in the Island-nation increased from 10.3 per cent in July to 10.9 per cent in September 2020.

In its latest bulletin, Statistics Mauritius indicated that the number of unemployed people increased by 4,900 or 9 per cent from 57,300 in July to 62,200 in September while the labour force (employed and unemployed) increased by 13,200 from 555,300 to 568,500.

It added that the number of unemployed women increased by about 5,100 from 25,100 in July to 30,200 in September, while the number of unemployed men decreased by 200 to around 32,000 in September.

Therefore, the unemployment rate among women increased from 11.1 per cent in July to 12.9 per cent in September 2020, while among men it decreased from 9.8 per cent to 9.6 per cent.

Furthermore, Statistics Mauritius indicated that in September, the number of the economically inactive was estimated at 203,700 compared to 215,800 in July, a decrease of 12,100.

Among women, a decrease of 8,800 or 5.4 per cent was noted in September relative to July, whereas the number of inactive men decreased by 3,300 or 6.1 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of youth (ages 16-24 not full time students) in employment dropped by 1,800, from 45,900 in July to 44,100 in September, while the number of unemployed slightly decreased from 20,600 to 20,500. On the other hand, the number of inactive people grew by 100 to reach 25,400.

Sector-wise, Statistics Mauritius said employment in the primary sector increased by 1,100 from 29,000 in July to 30,100 in September.

In the tertiary sector, it increased by 11,100 units from 346,000 in July to 357,100 in September.

On the other hand, employment in the secondary sector decreased by 3,900 from 123,000 in July to 119,100 in September.

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