UK race equality think tank head accuses gov’t of pushing ‘White Nationalist’ agenda


Moscow, Dec. 29, 2020 The UK government has pushed a “white nationalist” agenda by prioritising the needs of white working-class people to the detriment of their Black and Asian counterparts, Halima Begum, the director of the Runnymede Trust told The Guardian newspaper.
Begum said this in her first interview since being appointed the head of the race equality think tank.
“If you have white liberals pushing a white nationalist agenda, it’s very easy to challenge for other white liberals who don’t agree,” Begum said.

According to Begum, the United Kingdom’s ruling Conservative Party has opted for a narrative that targets members of the white working-class who feel that they have been left behind.

“What I see instead is the Conservatives pushing through (a narrative of) a white working-class that’s been left behind, which by the way is where (U.S. President Donald) Trump was at about six years ago,” the think tank director said.

The government should instead be pushing a message that also accounts for the concerns of Black and Asian members of the working class, Begum remarked.
With a pledge to “get Brexit done,” the Conservative Party in 2019 scored election victories in many lower-income constituencies in northern and central England that were previously part of Labour’s so-called red wall.

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