Several teens reported dead in carbon monoxide poisoning in Bosnia


Belgrade, Jan. 1, 2021 Several people died from apparent carbon-monoxide poisoning at New Year in western Bosnia, local media reported on Friday, citing confirmation from a prosecutor.

Details, including the exact number of victims, are expected to be announced once an investigation in the town Posusje is completed.

The Dnevni Avaz daily quotes local sources as saying that eight teenagers died.

According to the news site, the death toll is nine. All sources attribute the deaths to a faulty power generator.

It appears that the group gathered in a holiday house to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Many people in the region are thought to have organised similar events in order to party under the coronavirus lockdown.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is not uncommon in the winter months in the Balkans and in Central and Eastern Europe.

The toxic gas can build up while burning wood, using gas heaters or running generators in confined spaces.

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