Investigation launched after illegal New Year’s Eve party in France


Paris, Jan. 5, 2021 An investigation has been opened into one of the suspected organisers of a massive illegal New Year’s Eve party in the French region of Brittany.

According to broadcaster France 3, which quoted Rennes’s prosecutor Philippe Astruc on Monday evening, the man is in his early 20s and is being investigated, among other things, for endangering the lives of others.

Astruc said the suspect admitted that he was involved in organising the party.

It is, however, not clear, whether only one person organised such an event, and therefore the other organisers should be held accountable.

In spite of the coronavirus restrictions, around 2,500 people celebrated New Year’s Eve illegally in the area in the north-west of France, leading to the security forces being tied up for a good day and a half.

They tried – unsuccessfully – to stop the party in the disused hangar in the village of Lieuron.

The illegal event only came to an end on Saturday morning when the sound was cut and the system dismantled.

According to Astruc, fewer than 5 per cent of the partygoers wore masks, and drugs such as cannabis, heroin and LSD were sold at the rave.

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