Simple lifestyle reduces chances of prostrate cancer dev’t in men – Expert


By Abiodun Azi

Lagos, Jan 9, 2021 Dr Adeniyi Adelodun, a parasitologist, says maintaining a simple lifestyle reduces the chances of prostrate cancer development in men.

Adelodun, who delivered a health talk at the Estate Youth Parliament (EYP), on Saturday in Lagos, said simple lifestyle included total abstinence from alcohol intake and eating fatty foods.

He identified the consumption of enough clean warm water, food supplements, and antioxidants as part of living a simple lifestyle.

“At age 30 and above, it’s important to start taking green tea and some strong antioxidant drugs because they help mop-up free radicals and protect the organs damage.

“The major cause of prostate enlargement is unknown, but it is believed to be linked to hormonal changes as a man gets older.

“The balance of hormones in your body changes as you get older and this may cause your prostate gland to grow.

“As we get older with total body growth and hormonal development, there is a tendency for hormonal imbalances, thus the need for preventive and lifestyle management,” he said.

Adelodun urged men to limit the intake of caffeine and alcoholic beverages in the evening, and limit decongestants in order to help control prostrate cancer.

“Go when you first feel the urge, schedule bathroom visits, follow a healthy diet, stay active.

“Urinate and then urinate again a few moments later,” he said.

The parasitologist said that the major treatment was basically surgical once an abnormal growth is noticed and if most of all these symptoms are being noticed.

He said that though natural remedy with no scientific proof exist, surgical procedure could have side effects.

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