ADP urges U.S. to review its electoral process


By Diana Omueza

Abuja, Jan. 12, 2020 The Action Democratic Party (ADP) has advised the U.S. Government to review its electoral process following the recent invasion of Capitol Building by rioters.

Mr Yabaji Yusuf, National Chairman, ADP said this in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja.

Yusuf described the incident as a sad historic event.

He said that the incident was shocking and unimaginable to the entire world and that its multidimensional impact and lessons would outlive centuries of generations in the U.S.

He said that the capitol building invasion was an alert for Americans to the imperative of reviewing the country’s cumbersome and outmoded electoral processes.

“The electoral process could easily be manipulated to subvert the wish of majority of the electorate.

“The U.S. Electoral College is one of such unique and susceptible features in the U.S. election system that ought to have been long discarded as unwieldy, spurious and undemocratic,” he said.

He condemned the denting of the diplomatic stature and integrity of America on the global stage and called on the entire political class to awaken to the reality of the calamity by closing ranks regardless of partisan differences.

This he said was in the superior interest of the survival of democracy, security and unity of their country and indeed by extension to the world at large who looked up to the US.

He commended U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and House Leader Nancy Pelosi for their maturity and exemplary leadership in the wake of the jolting and unexpected incident.

The ADP National Chairman called for a thorough, painstaking but yet, quick investigation to bring all found culprit to law.

He advised all democratic nations in the world to borrow from the American experience by being vigilance against leaders whose political ambitions could pull down the roof of democracy or erode the foundation on which the entire society was erected.