Libya dialogue continues in Geneva on Wednesday


Geneva, Jan. 11,2021 (Xinhua) The United Nations on Monday said that the 18 members of the newly established Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s Advisory Committee will meet at the UN headquarters in Geneva from Jan. 13 to Jan. 16.

The UN Information Service said the committee’s main mission was to discuss outstanding issues related to the selection of a unified executive authority in Libya.

The body said in a message emailed to newsmen that the mission was also to present concrete and practical recommendations upon which the forums plenary shall decide.

“The national elections date of Dec. 24, remains a sine qua non for the UN, a guiding principle and an unrenounceable goal,’’ the message said.

On Jan. 3, the UN Support Mission in Libya announced the establishment of the Advisory Committee, saying that its mandate would be strictly time-bound.

Libya’s eastern-based army and its UN-backed government fought for more than a year in and around the capital Tripoli before the conflicts ended last June.

On Oct. 23, 2020, Libyan delegations in Geneva signed a UN-sponsored permanent ceasefire agreement.

At a meeting held November 2020, 75 representatives of the social and political spectrum of the Libyan society agreed to hold general elections in the country on Dec. 24.

They also agreed on a mechanism to select a unified executive authority in the country.(Xinhua)

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