Kogi needs Sports Commission for all-round development, official says


By Aderonke Ojo
Abuja, Jan. 13, 2021 An athletics official, Tom Boniface, on Wednesday urged Kogi’s Gov. Yahaya Bello to create a Sports Commission in the state for an all-round development of sports.

Boniface told journalists in Abuja that the establishment of a Sports Commission will enable Gov. Bello to give sports the required priority in the state.

“This will help to harness a lot of talents in the state,’’ the National Athletics Technical Announcer, said.

“Sports is all about passion. An administrator who has passion for sports development will not settle for anything less, other than exploiting every opportunity there to discover talents.”

Boniface urged that the various stakeholders should be carried along in decision-making processes in sports, listing them to include athletes, coaches, administrators, sponsors and technical officials.

“Those who should make plans for athletes are the administrators, either at the state or federal levels, and should be carry along.

“But unfortunately, greed has beclouded the sense of reasoning of our sports administrators working for government, while politics and selfish motives have ensured that the aim of sports is being defeated,” he said

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