MoneyCentral media launches print edition to redefine Nigeria’s financial journalism landscape*



MoneyCentral Media Limited has launched its print publication in addition to its online news, analysis and data platform,  

MoneyCentral focuses on the most authentic financial and business news, research and data analytics, as well as a forum with a particular goal of reaching a younger audience.

The first edition of the print publication which hit the newsstands on Monday 18th, January 2020, is a collection of well researched stories, investigations, analysis and market intelligence for young people, investors, shareholders, regulators, small and big businesses, providing them with the knowledge and information to help with their business decisions.

Bala Augie, FCA, the editor of MoneyCentral’s print and online platforms said: “With MoneyCentral there are no fillers, just deep analysis, insight and market moving news. We are building a team of young motivated analysts, who will be producing great stories on a daily and weekly basis that gives our readers the inside knowledge to help grow their money.”

“We believe our unique content speaks for itself,” Augie said.

The promoters of MoneyCentral have more than 15 years combined experience in financial journalism and hope to bring a fresh angle to coverage of the biggest issues confronting the private sector, business owners, young people, as well as regulators.

The print publication will be published every Monday with the mission to report the news stories that have been refused to be told by the established business papers and widen the scope of financial, economic and political information available to the Nigerian public.

The online medium meanwhile will be updated daily with solid analysis, data driven investigations and news stories ignored by the traditional business papers.

Moneycentral newspaper’s maiden edition can be ordered from news vendors across Lagos. 

Subscribe to our newsletter at https://www.moneycentral  to receive the online pdf copy weekly. It is also available on Issuu.

Publisher of MoneyCentral Patrick Atuanya said: “There is very little financial journalism being practiced in Nigeria today and this has ended with the arrival of MoneyCentral. We will probe financial statements of the Government agencies and private sector to bring the hidden stories no one is telling. We will connect the dots for investors and practice real Financial Journalism that provides actionable market intelligence. MoneyCentral is the future of business and financial reporting in Nigeria and our journey has just begun.” 

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