Court grants woman’s prayer to divorce herself over abandonment


By Aisha Gambo
Kaduna,Jan 18.2021 A Shari’a court sitting in Rigasa, Kaduna on Monday granted the prayers of a housewife, Fatima Yakubu, divorce herself on grounds of abandonment.

Yakubu filed a complaint against her husband Isah Salisu in December 2020, alleging that he abandoned her for two years without food or shelter.

The court had ordered her to provide witnesses which she did and the witnesses confirmed that Salisu was no where to be found.

The court had accepted their statement and asked the complainant if she would swear with the Qur’an affirming that her husband had abandoned her.

The judge, Malam Abubakar-Tureta had adjourned the case to Jan 18 for the complainant to swear and redeem herself from the marriage.

The complainant who swore with the Qur’an under the supervision of the judge said, “I divorce myself once”.

The judge ruled that the divorce is valid.

The judge ordered her to observe the mandatory Iddah(waiting period) for three months.

”If he returns before you finish the iddah,the union stands,” he held.