S. Africa collaborates with China to train public service employees


Johannesburg, Jan. 18, 2021 (Xinhua/NAN) South Africa and China are teaming up to improve the capacity of public servants on governance and management of disasters and emergencies such as the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), said the National School of Government.

Busani Ngcaweni, principal of the school disclosed this in a statement on Monday.

The school, which falls under the Ministry of Public Service and Administration, will work with the China National Academy of Governance on the project to improve the capacity of South Africa’s public servants.

“Through discussions, participants will be able to understand China’s basic national conditions, governance and management experience. This will further expand friendship, consensus, mutual trust and cooperation between China and South Africa”, said Busani Ngcaweni, principal of the National School of Government.

He said South African managers would be exposed to China’s governance models and responses to emergencies. The courses include China’s governance model for development outcomes and the capacity of the state to deal with emergencies.

The courses will be offered for senior and middle managers in public service in March and April 2021.

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