Intenegins: Mr. Peter Irene Resigns as CEO, Mr. Ebunola Ayeni Takes Over in Acting Capacity


The investing public is hereby notified of the recent resignation of the Managing Director / CEO of International Energy Insurance Plc, Mr. Peter Irene, with effect from December 20, 2020.

The Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Ebunolu Ayeni has immediately taken over the leadership of Management in acting capacity to fill the casual vacancy pending the approval of the National Insurance Commission for the appointment of a Substantive Managing Director.

Mr. Ebunolu Ayeni is a graduate of Insurance from the University of Lagos with Master degrees in Marketing and Management from Ladoke Akintola University and Enugu State University, respectively.

Mr. Ebunolu Ayeni is a fellow of the Insurance Institute of Nigeria with over three decades of cognitive experience. He is also a member of Nigeria Council of Registered Insurance Brokers and the Institute of Loans and Risk management, Nigeria.

Mr. Ayeni is married with children.

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