97% of EU citizens granted settled status in Britain


London, Feb. 25, 2021 A total of 97 per cent of EU, European Economic Area and Swiss citizens who have applied to a settlement scheme in Britain have been granted approval to remain after Brexit.

New figures published by the British government on Thursday said that more than 4.5 million applications had been concluded up to Dec. 31 – the deadline for citizens to apply for settled status in Britain.

A total of 54 per cent (2.4 million) were granted settled status, which was designed for people who had been living in Britain for the past five years.

Meanwhile, 43 per cent (1.9 million) were granted pre-settled status, meaning people who had not been living in Britain for five years but had moved before Dec. 31 were granted residency.

A total of three per cent of applications were either withdrawn, refused, invalid or void.

The highest numbers of applications were received from Polish people, followed by Romanians, Italians, Portuguese people and Spaniards.

Those who wish to visit or stay in Britain – who have not been accepted or applied to the scheme and do not have family connections – may need to apply for a visa to visit Britain depending on the reason for their visit.

This is a result of Britain ending its freedom of movement agreement with the bloc post-Brexit.

British citizens who are currently living in the EU, or who move there during the transition period, need to apply for residence status in the country they are residing in by June 30.

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