Tuesday, October 26, 2021

    The Fulani Republic Of Cows! By Ozodinukwe Okenwa

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    For quite sometime now the national discourse in Nigeria has been dominated by the Fulanis (natives and non-natives) among us, their ‘sacred’ cows and their armed and dangerous herders.

    And how they go about across the federation with manifest impunity attacking farmers in their ancestral lands, kidnapping some for ransom, killing others outright and generally terrorizing anyone who dared raise any voice of opposition or resistance to these criminalities.

    Since the embattled President, Muhammadu Buhari, is himself a Fulani (and an executive herder at that) it stands to reason to declare that the Fulani marauding elements had been emboldened to commit all manner of crime against Nigerians in the name of cattle-herding business.

    Pray, why must foreigners left their native hamlets or enclaves in West African neighbouring countries for Nigeria and be allowed to torment the indigenes of a sovereign country with the leadership at the centre directly or indirectly aiding and abetting them? Who controls or polices the borders? Or they enterred clandestinely without the authorities noticing?

    Who armed them with AK 47 guns? Why are they being pampered and given amnesty and even cash and cars to lay down their weapons of war? Why would a Federal Government led by an executive herder from Daura and some states’ Governors in the north be openly supporting foreign jihadists, nay bandits, against Nigerians under the guise of ‘tolerating our neighbours’?

    Yet, the problem with Nigeria goes beyond the Fulani cattle invasion. We could insinuate an official covert policy aimed towards Islamisation or Fulanization here. President Buhari remains, in our reckoning, an executive enabler of the Fulani cattle exploits!

    How can a President of a great country with hundreds of ethnic groups be favouring criminally his tribe and faith to the detriment of our collective peace and happiness? Now, given this perceived connivance or complicity of the federal authority and forces the average Fulani herdsman has suddenly become one big hell of a problem for the rest of law-abiding hardworking citizens.

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