Monday, October 18, 2021

    The Company Called “Nigeria” By Martin White-Ufuah

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    Naija247news Editorial Team
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    The Nigerian state has failed in all ramifications. There is actually no country for decent Nigerians like myself to call home. My family and I are already discussing plans to become naturalized citizens of another country.

    What this country Nigeria is at the moment is the abode of men of the underworld and everyone who can use religion and politics to perpetuate high crimes.

    How do you explain the kidnap of 317 school girls in a country where police and security checkpoints are kilometres away from each other?

    The world of oganized crimes such as the abduction of hundreds of school children, truly, only thrive on the complicity of the state.

    The country is now such that the instruments of state could be deployed for crimes. Institutions and state’s seals of authority are being politically assailed, desecrated and dragged in the mud for criminal actions.

    Deliberate scoundrels, flagrantly wicked and impious people who cheat on the system and engage in high crimes are more successful than decent citizens who commit to productive endeavours.

    Crime is a highly remunerative endeavour in Nigeria. Check out ex Niger Delta militants, OPC, Bakasi Boys, Boko Haram, etc. These guys are very rich and well compensated by the state for criminality.

    The new baby to the list are the bandits in the North. These guys are actually Boko Haram. They are no bandits at all.

    Those carrying out barbarous crimes against the state are rewarded and appeased. Why is it so? The answer is very simple. Only a failed state cede its supreme power to the superior force of criminality. Government by force is suppose to be the natural response by a sovereign state to those who dare its existence.

    Nigeria is a failed state. This is the fact. It is indisputable. The country has been overcome by the superior forces of criminality. Presently, official state corruption has transitioned from pen-robbery and office mago-mago to state-sponsored terrorism against defenseless citizens.

    What is happening in the country has the hands of the government in it. Late General Sani Abacha said that the state is complicit to any crime that subsists after twenty-four hours. He is correct. The Nigerian government is aware of what is going on in the country.

    Nigeria has been overcome by evil. The authoritative summary of our sovereignty has been crushed! What we have now is a company known as “Nigeria” — which is what official state actors and unofficial actors known as bandits and criminals uses to reward their deliberate crimes.

    It’s a business transaction going on. The country is their company!

    Are we going to watch these guys destroy all of us? No, we will do something. What are we going to do?

    First and foremost, we have to congregate as one force for the reformation of Nigeria. Secondly, set up a clear cut agenda. Thirdly, institute a people’s court where actions are weighed and natural justice meted.

    It may be bloody — we may loose a few. But better. To recover this country totally will never be without the shedding of blood. An example is what happened at Lekki Plaza. This is because the forces of retrogression must resist and fight back.

    Martin White-Ufuah, an author-publisher and writer, writes from Abuja.

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