Sunday, October 17, 2021

    Buhari’s Destructive Policies And Fulani Terrorism Will Ignite Yoruba Exodus By Bayo Oluwasanmi

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    After 100 years 1914-2014, the British Amalgamation of Southern and Northern Protectorates that forcibly joined Yorubas with Fulani terrorists expired seven years ago.

    Rallies for Oduduwa Nation were held in Trafalgar Square London, UK, Shagamu, and Ibadan followed by World Press Conference tagged: ‘Constitutional force majeure – activating people’s power’.

    The reign of terror by Buhari one of the world’s foremost dictators, was eloquently articulated during the press conference.

    The Amalgamation having expired, Yoruba people have dissolved their political connection with the General Muhammadu Buhari led Fulani federal government of Nigeria, present to the six Yoruba states and the world the causes which had led to the separation.

    For the past six years, we have had numerous and serious causes of complaints against the regime of General Buhari. Buhari has weakened Yoruba security, disturbed our domestic peace and tranquility.

    He has persistently refused to comply with the express Constitutional obligations to Yorubas in reference to Nigeria.

    Buhari continues to use the powers of his office to deprive Yorubas equal justice, peace, progress, prosperity, enjoyment, and happiness.

    This hostile policy has been pursued with every circumstance of aggravation which aroused the passions and excite the hatred of Yorubas.

    Yorubas had hoped that time, reason, and argument would bring, if not redress, at least exemptions from further insults, injuries, and dangers.

    Recent events have fully dissipated all such hopes and demonstrated the necessity for Yoruba exodus from Nigeria.

    After a full and calm hearing of all the facts, after a fair warning of our purpose not to submit to the rule of the author or authors of wrong, unfairness, injustice, oppression, and terror, Buhari remained adamant.

    After an equally full and fair deliberate consideration of our situation, Yorubas, declared with equal firmness that the Fulanis will no longer rule over us.

    Yorubas declared that whenever any “form of government becomes destructive of the ends for which it was established, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government,” and a new nation. Buhari’s destructive policies and Fulani terrorism will ignite Yoruba Exodus.

    Deeming the Buhari led Fulani federal government to have become destructive of these ends, we declared that Yorubas are absolved from all allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    All the political connection between Yorubas and the Federal Republic of Nigeria is totally dissolved.

    In pursuance of this Declaration, Yorubas are free to exercise their separate sovereignty, adopted for themselves a Constitution and other components of democratic government. Yoruba Nation is closer to reality than it seems!

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