Why we rejected Hausa Fulani Caliphate — Coalition Of South, Middle-Belt Regions


Following the Constitutional Force Majeure given to the Nigerian Government, the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self Determination, NINAS, says its members (South and Middle-Belt regions), have moved on with their sovereignties.

This was disclosed in a statement issued by the world leader, Professor Banji Akintoye, during the NINAS World Press Conference on Saturday.

According to him, this decision follows the expiration of the 30 days of consultations with elected officials from the Alliance Territories after an initial 90-day period of notice given to the Federal Government on December 16, 2020.

The statement explained that, at the expiration of the said 90-day period of notice, no formal contact or statement was made by the Federal Government of Nigeria in response to the December 16, 2020, proclamation.

It also stated that the governors of the states in the Alliance Territories were advised to liaise with one another and send bills to their various state Houses of Assembly and work with the assemblies to pass laws by which they assume responsibility, power and control over most of the subject matters contained in the 68 items federal exclusive legislative list of the 1999 Constitution.

He said this was, however, not complied with.

Consequent to this, the group said it had overpowered and delegitimised the “monstrous” 1999 Constitution and have fully activated their inalienable right to self-determination.

It read, “NINAS has now abandoned the carcass of the defunct Federation of Nigeria to the Fulani Caliphate, and moved on with their sovereignties (hitherto forcefully hijacked and confiscated by the illicit Federal Government of Nigeria that emerged from the Catastrophic Bloody Fiascos of 1966 — 1970), towards fresh constitutional protocols as willing, compatible contiguities in unfettered self-determination.”

The group also said December 16, 2020, Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure has “defeated the fraudulent 1999 constitution and therefore unhinged the legal basis of unitary Nigeria.

“It is in this regard that NINAS is now informing the political merchants of the South and Middle-Belt across all the political parties in Nigeria, that any decision by them or their political parties to go another round of national elections in 2023 will be interpreted as a clear-minded choice to help the enemy preserve the 1999 Constitution and this will mean sabotaging the self-redemption initiative of their people.

“NINAS strongly advises the political parties and political merchants in the alliance territories not to put themselves on a head-on collision with the peoples of the territories in their quest for self-preservation via self-determination.

“Going forward, since the two tiers of government in Nigeria have abandoned the populace to their fate, NINAS’ action train now moves to the people.

“The NINAS train of consultations and engagements will today, April 17, 2021, move on to the peoples of Nigeria, especially in the alliance territories, who collectively own the sovereignties forcefully consolidated and hijacked by the Nigerian state via the Instrumentality of the imposed and fraudulent constitutional arrangements of 1999.

“Accordingly, NINAS hereby declares 120 days of consultations commencing today, April 17, 2021, with the peoples of the alliance territories with dedicated sessions for various segments of the Nigerian society, the diplomatic community and the international community. In this period, all segments of the Nigerian society in the alliance territories {should} be consulted and engaged with the NINAS propositions as outlined in the December 16, 2020, constitutional force majeure proclamation.”

NINAS further encouraged its members in the diaspora to organise town hall meetings in their countries of residence to discuss and disseminate constitutional force majeure related information as it is being done in Nigeria.

However, the group stated that if the demands of the constitutional force majeure remain unaddressed by the Federal Government by mid-August 2021, “NINAS will proceed with the ‘Activation of Reconsideration of Allegiance to the Repudiated 1999 Constitution’ and commence processes of the orderly interment of that constitution within the context of the self-determination imperative for the constituent nationalities components of Nigeria.

“Let it be noted that in response to Interventions by people of goodwill from within and outside Nigeria, including foreigners who are sympathetic to Nigerians for their horrifying plight, NINAS will in the interest of our peoples, be willing to reopen the window of dialogue and engagement with the two tiers of government in Nigeria if they turn up in course of the 120 days of consultations with the peoples of Nigeria and the international community.”