Sunday, September 26, 2021

    The “North”, By Adeyeye Olorunfemi

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    Let’s agree for once that it’s the north destroying us and the “northerners” will always protect themselves, no matter what. Riding on that fact, the rulers from the South should have used the Pantami campaign to score a point among their people. They should have unequivocally spoken against the terrorist hegemony.

    But the turn of events on #PantamiGate has shown that Garba Shehu, the Northerner did not speak for only the Presidency, he spoke the mind of the entire ruling class destroying Nigeria.

    The statement of the vuvuzela is an insult to every right-thinking Nigerian. If it wasn’t the mind of the entire ruling elite, the “Oduas” in government, starting from the Lawless Professor, Osinbajo would have resigned this morning. Tinubu would have spoken against the terrorist. Agent Fashola would have done some forensic investigation on the Pantami tape. Gbajabiamila wouldn’t have thrown away the motion to discuss the acts of terrorism committed by Pantami. And you should also know that it is not a party issue here. What has Saraki said on the matter? What about your “hero of democracy”, Jonathan?

    They would at least have faked a siding with their people against the “north”. But do you know where you all miss it? You will still go back to blame the “north” and make excuses for your “brothers”. “Their hands are tied,” you would say. You forget that when it comes to stealing our commonwealth, making living unbearable for the mass of people, their hands are not tied. Constitutional and political bottlenecks/ hurdles only exist when it comes to doing the right thing.

    Northerners are the problem and my Southern “brothers” are not- an incubated lie that has enjoyed an immeasurable amount of oxygen over a long period of time.

    There is an Adeyemo, who is yet to be paid backlog of salaries in Ekiti. Who told you either Fayemi or Osinbajo is your brother?

    The always-weeping Ayade is owing Magistrate Abasi 21 months’ salaries. Yet Abasi regards him as his “brother” because they speak the same language. Abasi is ready to fight the “north” because they are the ones stopping Ayade from paying. Who has been fooled? Abasi.

    There is a Governor who has run a state aground and rations salaries; when he pays, he pays in different percentages so citizens don’t get “too comfortable” to challenge his throne. His name is Yahaya Bello. But Ameh, a civil servant in Kogi who can’t feed well regards him and his partner-in-crime Edward Onoja as the saviours of the kingdom. Ameh says half a loaf is better than no bread.

    Hello Daudu! You who can not visit your farm because of insecurity, your children whom you managed to send to those schools without roofs, have been kidnapped. Listen! Buhari is not your brother.
    To those who care to listen, there is a brotherhood in Nigeria. They know themselves and they don’t need NIN to identify one another.

    See. Let’s get serious. Of all things suffering us in this society, the short supply of bad, wicked, clueless, corrupt people running government, across all tribes and regions is not one.

    Secessionists! While your agitation is valid, and the posture of the current Buhari nepotistic and killer regime is advancing your cause consciously and unconsciously, you need to appreciate this particular fact. When you know this, the quest for a revolution becomes clear.

    • Adeyeye Olorunfemi
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